Third time in queue

cmon, ive dropped 3 times in a row in like 10-16 place… failed to configure

nvm… 4th time

5th time… seriously

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I just got randomly kicked after waiting nearly an hour in queue. got back in queue 1000 or so places down. This was definitely the best way to launch AGS - really good show. Why did you make it so all players would have to make names on same block [EU] of servers? Did you guys really not expect the trouble you have caused?

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it should pop errors when you are trying to queue not after the queue tho, also my mate just queued up and is already in game, totally disgusting

Keep in mind that, unless someone is really clueless (and that’s possible, but it certainly doesn’t reflect everyone), people making characters aren’t in the queue, affecting people playing.

Similar issues here - waiting, being booted - waiting…

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yeah my mates already in we queued in same time

Unfortunately it seems people are either clueless or just plain selfish. Looking around web seems to show that many non EU players are playing on EU. Add to that the fact that company names are first come first served and we get all those wanting a specific company playing to at least the point where they can name a company. It really was easy to predict the problems naming on one server block [EU] would cause. From such a professional company this really is a joke and makes them [AGS] look real bad.

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I wish i was only 1000 places down in queue after i was trown out…
Went from 1800 to 9800

well now its like im almost in - server maintenance XD

“Server maintenance”

It’s past midnight in California, and much later in the East. I think the number of people who have stayed up there and are grinding out a company name would be tiny. Relatively speaking.

There’d be a far greater number who logged in to get character names and, like I say, unless they’re clueless about how the game works, don’t need to be logging into the actual game to do that. So particularly as the night continues in the US, any who are still on will drop soon.

You may find the servers are full of… you won’t believe this… Europeans, keen to play the game!

Yep. This is the problem that is causing long queues.
Booking a name doesn’t require to login, but getting a Guild name requires to play until level 10 (I believe). So not so smart.
I just hope I won’t get kicked out after waiting 6500 in the queue.

Just to note: After creating a character you are put straight in queue, It’s likely that quite a few non EU players are not getting in game but are put in queue. Even if this is just for a few seconds it will tie up the queues.

From all the people I’ve seen in game, almost all of them had random names with a bunch of numbers next to them like any normal player. Not much name snipers on the server I was on.

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