Drlupo Posted a Video where he had a discussion with a Dev last week and brought up the broken Azoth staff and it was mentioned there was a fix coming in the next patch.

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You are so annoying.

This bug has been in the game since closed beta

Bump for any info.

Hello, I wanted to confirm the team is aware of this issue and working to solve it. Thank you everyone for your patience with this bug. We will get it resolved asap. We will provide confirmation on when a fix will be patched.


You guys are aware of this issue since closed beta. Its not beta anymore, its not free game. You MUST fix all game breaking bugs in first priority with hotfixes and not 1 little patch per week.
Someday maybe you will ban all the exploiters and fix all the bugs, but community is mad already. You are the first company who doesnt fix gamebreaking stuff with hotfixes, but hey all our team is working on transfers and dumb anti-afk =)


Hey at least we got some info, might be cringe info but at least we got it.

the same copy and paste info over and over again…

What about server transfers??

That’s already been posted about, coming in the november update.

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November 2022 lol

Mugsy get wars disabled asap until yas fix it. It’s already destroyed servers but you can stop more now. No server should end up like ours slowly falling apart because of the failings of Amazon Gaming to correct this issue as it was brought up in Beta and week 2 alot.

Listen, you’re overreacting, this isn’t the only end-game ok? We have:

Outpost Rush (Wait LOL it’s disabled due to bugs)
Wars (Wait LOL it should be disabled due to invincibility bug abuse)

Oh, guess that leaves us with… farming bugged respawns in Reekwater for watermark upgrades


When I contacted support, they told me to list the issue on the forums.

I too am experiencing the same issue. I have a T3, T4, and T5 all in my inventory. I cannot use either the T4 or T5. I’m on City of Brass - US East server.


100% happening across the board.

Yep, same problem. Cant do any of the end game stuff in this game, T5 staff doesn’t work, Outpost Rush Disabled, multiple recipes and schematics missing, wars unplayable because of invulnerability bugs/exploit.

Not sure what’s more amazing; the fact that this bug made it out of beta, or that it still isn’t fixed. Don’t rush to 60; The current endgame is lackluster to say the least.

Can confirm this is the same issue with my staves, I have 3 4 and 5 and cannot close portals above 45(55?). I hear newer characters after the patch have working azoth staff but for the people since launch and before patch ours are still broken. For whoever is saying that its not an issue, or its only on our server, etc. You’re wrong. This is a huge problem and is keeping many players from enjoying end game, this needs to get a fix already.

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