This Changes, makes this game MUCH BETTER

I am writing about changes in the game that are needed and would be useful…

  1. Repair with a table of results in the wars (t doesn’t always work after the end of the war and you have to quit the game), next is Improving the table (Main score table) of results so that each character class has its own tab of the table. Healers separate, Tanks separate, DPS separate. Healers (Heal Value), Tanks ( received DMG), DPS (damage dealt). The current table is pointless. Healers are practically at the beginning (most). Improving the entire table, including kills, assists,deaths and not just the assigned DMG. It is known that someone who deals AOE(area) damage like a magician will be in the top (it is so in all games) - Only in other games does it count all your stats.

  2. removal from wars finish characters after a kill. Finishing is totally useless actually. It is removed in arenas 3v3, OPR too, but still remained in wars. There would be no finishing, the ending scoreboard would work much better. What is finishing after kill for? good for nothing.
    Let the Finishing stay only in the open world and in dungeons.

  3. Adding a timer to regular dunegons and a live table of results for the given DMG, Heal, and the accepted damage of a given player. A small table somewhere on the side of the screen that you can disable or minimize. To help you see who is doing what damage, tanking, heals. like the game. Or just add Endgame Table every dungeons, mutations like in wars.

  4. There is currently a problem with your ally’s markers.
    -I have a proposal that allies from the party you are in have better markings overhead or green coating and you can see allies through the walls (This is way for a group of 5 people)
    add larger markers overhead and the ability to adjust company markers.

  • Change the healing markings on the ground of your allies from green to e.g. Blue
    When there is a ground heal enemies and allies, you can’t tell which one is allied (Need markers)
  1. Adding a small minimap to the game that would show your allies, group members, company. Which you will be able to enlarge in your own way, set your own markers at minimap.
    This is currently missing in the game.

  2. Invasion change required. You need to change the duration of an invasion from 30 minutes to a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Right now, the invasion is boring like hell. Thats why therefore people are reluctant to walk to invasion. you do the same over and over again. For the first 6 waves, you can go make tea and make dinner. Need changes.

I hope you will understand this topic. and you will read this, because these ideas will improve the quality of life of many players! and introduce fair play for sure.

Thank you on behalf of all the players!.


the current faction missions are like trying to ingest a spoon full of talcum powder, dry and flavorless. therefore I propose a few gameplay modes that would pair well with the game and offer very entertaining functions to the game to contrast the current quests that someone was paid to design in a game focused around player vs player gameplay.

To set the parameters. the forts and tents are the primary focus of this idea is about the forts and tents. They should be be populated with 10 npc’s respective to the territories level that ally with the faction that currently controls the fort or tent. With some consideration I find the combination of 1 elite commander, 2 elite captains, 2 archers, 1 rifle-man, 2 sword and shield, 1 great axe, and 1 spear would be a well balanced defence for the NPC population at each structure.
A faction rep should be at the forts and tents for rapid mission deployment but fort and tent reps offer less than town reps to balance things out.
This opens up possibilities for further missions down the road

To gain control over the fort or tent instead of the 5 minute king of the hill gameplay which is currently being abused…, The faction that has the most pull in the territory control gets the fort and the faction with the second most control gets the tent.
Faction missions completed from the towns should offer more points to ensure a catch-up posibility for the third faction.

Dividing the missions into two categories.
groupers (missions that rally players together, they dont pay much but can be done in rapid succession) and… pullers (missions that pull players away from the forts and tents to stimulate a struggle, and they should pay more to discourage players form ignoring them)

THE CONVOY puller- team fortress two had an escort multiplayer mission where teams had to defend a cart and deliver it to its destination while the other team has to destroy it. I propose a multi caravan convoy that has to travel from the town to the fort or tent which would pull players away from the fort or tents for a certain amount of time. however the enemy faction has to destroy all 3 caravans to prevent a victory. one caravan should have a war horn, one should have a turret and one should have a cannon completely usable.

SABOTAGE grouper- in 3 minutes, teams have to defend the fort while the others have to attempt to tamper with the forts defenses. with visual smoking effects for the already affected equipment. total sabotage of all the equipment is required for victory while defending teams have to repair the equipment.

DEMORALIZE THE ENEMYgrouper- capture the flag between the fort and tent its been tried tested and has held its own for decades as a standard multiplayer pvp game type. and is still more fun than holding position over a spot for 1.5 mins.

DOUBLE AGENTpuller - intercept the defector, track and capture or eliminate the defector who is currently trying to flee the territory. take the intel carried by the defector and bring it back to your faction rep or take it to the enemy’s faction rep for no faction points but an increased monetary gain.

SPECIAL DELIVERYgrouper - deliver a caravan loaded with explosives to the enemy’s fort or tent players must physically push the caravan and defend it to succeed.

ASSASSINATE THE COMMANDERgrouper - kill the commander stealth optional.

SUBTERFUGE grouper - deliver the fake orders to the corrupt faction rep without being detected by the guards.
Optional puller kill a messenger last reportedly seen in-between the town and the seige, take his letter and deliver it to us for a bonus.

FOOT PAD puller - circuit race, run and deliver a note to 4 destinations within the timer to receive a reward.

KING OF THE HILL grouper Hold the middle ground for a collective time of 10 minutes (one man holding position is 20 minutes, two men holding position is 10 minutes, 3 men holding position for 6.66 minutes, 4 men holding position for 5 minutes) and time doesnt reset upon death

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Also I kinda like the idea of having resurrects in wars. They can change the fights and also serve as a trap for Rangers. When healing someone you are taking that risk but also could be saving the team from failure. I think it’s a great mechanic.

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And there is a minimal mod that players are using that AGS has approved as fairplay

this mechanic is not perfect for wars. You have to ask 1 more hit to finish someone off and you still have to hit the ground. secondly, no one ever saves or kills finishing anyone, because it’s a waste of time. when you participate in wars you should notice it

The issue with Finishing Move is they didn t implement it, it should have a kind of different action that take time to finish someone to let the ennemy side to defend their teamates and have an opportunity to rezurect them. Now only 1 hit from any player and the finishing blow is done, this make none sense so that why people don t care to defend his friends or teamates at this point …

Amazon need to think about it and make more research about MMORPG and DarkfallOnline mechanic killing Blow or Ganking Hit Ability

Sorry but dead should be dead, and not…

not quite dead yet 1

Needing a death blow should be removed.


Think about strategy to be able to rez without gettting hit or trying to defend a gank on your friends while he s agonizing !

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeedic …

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I don’t think you should be able to rez without getting hit - it’s a war. But more to the point, dead’s dead. Someone either manages to pull off a rez while combat is raging around you or you get to respawn.

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Yeah. Just remove resurected in wars.

Theres a lot of great feedback here dasko995, I will forward this up to the Dev team so they can read through it. Love all of the other player comments as well, keep it coming!


I’m in 100% agreement. Not sure about invasions but the rest 100%.

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I am absolutely against the minimap !

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I’m kinda with you there. The minimal is pretty cheap. The newest version apparently has a timer for gathering nodes for then they are expected to spawn back. If it identifies players then there goes my chances of this game catering to stealth play at all.

2 4 and 6. You’re doing good with the even numbers. The others are peripheral IMO… very low ranked among things that would provide a large amount of value to gameplay.

The number of people leaving because of a lack of in game statistical analysis of war/gen/laz vs gameplay reasons aren’t even comparable.

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Come on people. Say what you think.
These options are intended to aid gameplay and improve the quality of some elements in game.
some options are just cosmetic patches.