This game is dead. Bail out

So before the inevitable hand of negative feedback censorship comes down on me for writing this, the great cleave pvp nerf finally made me realize that after months of optimism and hope that they’d turn the ship around, the ags decision makers are still the same no-mmo-experience non-playing people, and that at this rate, it’s pretty much over.

Which is a shame, because this game is actually really cool, and had so much potential if said potential wasn’t nerfed into oblivion.

13,000 players is not financially viable for a game like this. The writing’s on the wall.


The GC nerf needed to happen, BUT they should have implemented a way to incentivize Open world pvp/arenas/OPR when they nerfed GC.


Are you sure about that? Because history says the opposite.
ArcheAge - Steam Charts

My guess is New World will be same as ArcheAge. Kept alive with less than a peak 2000 players world wide.

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We can hope they will keep it up? I’m down even with a small pop, but their limited track record shows they aren’t afraid of shutting a game down before it makes a year … crucible


I think they’ll try free to play before shutting it down.

New World is a good game (with flaws) in my opinion. It would be sad to see them abandon it prematurely.


Ya I agree they’ll try f2p. But idk man, I question the leaders at the top. When it comes down to pure business if this game isn’t generating they will think it might be better to move onto the next project.


Yea, they are not a small company whose livelihood depends on new world. I think they will cut ties if their resources are determined to be better allocated elsewhere.


Not dead yet. NW have same numbers like TESO on steam. (ye, teso multiplatform, but w/e)

If the fall update does not return players, the game will switch to a f2p model by the end of the year. imo


Its sad, but I also think this game will be dead pretty soon. Promising content didnt bring players back, quite the opposite really. Its hard to find motivation to play an MMO when you know theres no long term potential. Why would anyone bother farming for professions etc when this game will be dead in a few months? Why would new players start playing this game with its current grind when you know that it will be dead before the end of the year?

Arrogance from AGS, lack of creativity and inability to listen to feedback killed this game.
WOW wotlk release together with Dragonflight will put the final nail in the coffin for this game playerbase-wise.
Its just a very niche playerbase left that sticks around because they enjoy the pvp system and the community.

Atleast we all know that we shouldnt waste our time on AGS products in the future.


I don’t think that’s fair. The game, in my opinion, is a good game. Plenty of flaws and they made mistakes managing it, but everyone here definitely got their $40 worth and then some.


The game is decent sure. I just expect more from a mmo full of microtransactions when it comes to long term. The dev team of this game are completely blind and have made so many stupid decisions costing them almost their entire playerbase. I bet they get a tax write-off if the game folds within a set timeframe of a year or so, considering their current fiasco.

So what I read here was “I hate the fact that devs made leveling the PVP track and actual challenge and I just want a handout”

I think there were better ways to handle the great cleave phenomenon… but that doesnt mean they killed it. Doing GC missions is still the fastest way to lvl up your track… its honestly simple math but judging from the rant Im not surprised you didnt come to this conclusion.

Also, I hope youre playing dumb in this scenario but 13k concurrents doesnt mean 13k players play the game. theres still 100k+ daily players which is more than financially viable for a game thats probably still enjoying the millions they made from sales. But math doesnt seem to be your strong suit lol. Good day.

Edit: and just for the record, the game is dipping right now because there has been 3 months without any real pve content. PVP sweats are the loud minority that make it seem like the game is dying because they didnt listen to their demands… in reality full pvp players are pretty much insignificant when it comes to an mmo population.


It’s a video game, not the Titanic.


WOW wotlk release

When is that? I’m real fuckin burned out on wow but man did I love wotlk

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They’ve said it will come in 2022. Probably this autumn. I loved wotlk aswell:)

I just want to point out real quick that the vast majority of ESO players play on the games own launcher…steam does not reflect an accurate measure of ESO players.

However, i hope the games issues can be fixed…


The idea of Amazon keeping a game with like 10% of Runescape’s playerbase seems nearly abstract to me considering they’ve already rug-pulled two(?) other games.

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@SirFuzzi I’ll put it to you like this. If AGS pulls the plug on New World. That’s it, I’m willing to bet 99.9% of gamers. Will not buy any future Amazon in general made games. AGS will just be degraded to a publisher studio.


I mean, judging by numbers they’re probably somewhere in the ninetieth percentile for swerving. We’ve gone to ‘consistently below 20k’ at long last. Runescape has more players. There are WoW private servers with more players. There are probably Minecraft servers with more players.

The joke is, I don’t know what’ll fix it at this point. They have a lot of work to do, and a lot of content to fill; because they let people in way earlier than they should have (no doubt at management’s decree), they’ll never be able to produce content in such a volume that it won’t just get eviscerated by sweaties, and eventually feel an awful lot like it’s gatekeeping a lot of other players.

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They can start by making their game fun and not just another chore for more than 99% of MMO fans.

They can make existent content rewarding.

They can add some basic dynamic settlement region event lines. That repeat a few times a day.

They can add a standardized 3v3 queue. Where each player can select gear and perks.

Those alone would bring back many people. The problem is they just are not interested. And we the players can’t fix that. All we can do at this point. Is look for entertainment elsewhere that’s willing to give it. AGS is simply no longer interested. They are on a warpath to push away the remaining population. Litttle by little, week by week, patch by patch.