This game is turning slowly into world of warcraft and i hate it

So first you add dailies, then you time gate the gypsum drops so you can only collect so much materials each day to force people to play 1-2 hours a day if they want to progress. Then you make it so you have to do multiple different kinds of content in order to progress not what you want to do. Then you add mythics into the game.

I played the game non stop before the expertise daily update, nothing feels worse than the world of warcraft theme park gearing\daily loop. Where they force you to log in and play every day or else you will miss out, then you might get 2 weeks off dailies before you have to do it all again with new gear release.

Do something different, remove these toxic time gates, Remove Dailies completely. If somebody just wants to OPR to progress let them or if they want to just do crafting let them. Then add in some better PVP Content something like Arena or group based ranked, because wars are only played by a small tiny proportion of the player base, Also small scale PVP is the best thing about this game and there is literally no small scale PVP content (5v5 etc). Then add some Solo PVE content like Solo expeditions because there is no Solo PVE content.


  • Remove time gating.
  • Remove Dailies.
  • Add more PVP Content with GOOD rewards that everybody can participate in (small scale).
  • Add Solo PVE content (Because there is none)

Story is as good as WoW’s current one too

Wow has a bad story in game and forces you to follow it. New world has a story but you are not forced to follow it.

Both are bad in there own way

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