This game needs a crafting pity system

I have crafted about 20 bags in total (5 of them which were ruined by my trophies being bugged out and rolling 590’s even though the chances were 595-600) and haven’t gotten a single legendary. Not only would this make it more worth it to spend the absolutely insane amount of gold leveling your crafting to 200, farm or pay for trophies and crafting gear, but it would make the economy better by being able to sell your higher chance pity rolls. Please make this change. Gold is becoming harder and harder to come by considering the undercuts on everything on my server, and its making crafting less worth it when you have to roll 25 of something just to get a bad item with bad perks. currently 200k down. its actually more viable to just buy what you want from the TP and it should not be that way, especially when you’ve spent effort and time playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

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If you make everyone craft what they want, there wont be enough demand on mats on market to keep economy alive.

Some changes are needed but they have to come with another system that will suck out mats from market. Something like lineage2 enchated system - but that will put new players way behind. So maybe some enchanted system that does allow to put some amazing cosmetics on your items? Like give me 5k asmodium and i will make your armor shine. Or just put rlly good looking skins behind that - not that crap we have in shop. Ppl will grind their asses to get proper dark fantasy skins.

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I’m not saying it needs to be a significant pity system, but something like 1% everytime you craft a purple because in the current state not only do you have to actually roll the legendary which is technically 1/5 but it doesn’t always work that way hence why i made this post, but you also have to get the rolls you want which even with scarabs is an insanely low chance and very expensive with that. I understand its an mmo and its supposed to be grindy but in what sense is rolling a bag which costs me 12k each roll 20+ times and not rolling a legendary fair? their needs to be something guarunteed to make it worth it. like i stated before it costs 200k+ to level your armoring then it takes countless hours or gold to get your trophies and crafting gear. all im saying is it doesn’t feel very rewarding when you go through all that just to have to endlessly roll to even get a legendary, let alone the perks you want.

Also I’d make the argument that introducing a pity system would enhance the mat market. If you’re getting higher chances of legendary rolls I think people’d be more inclined to try to craft their armor instead of buying it from the TP, because in the current state of the game its actually cheaper to buy a bis item on certain servers then it is to craft it which is ridiculous. if you spent the time and gold to get your crafting to 200 you SHOULD have an advantage against those without.

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The whole RNG system for crafting needs an overhaul. There needs to be some built in ways to ensure better consistency of results and overcome the randomness. It is absurd that a master of their craft is subject to the whims of the gods in what their items are they produce. Whims that can be anything form items not even worth salvaging to items selling for more gold than some players will ever see in their lifetime playing the game.

It’s just frustrating as is.


The crafting system right now is complete garbage, I would never spend the gold to craft anything legendary as it is. I should not have to wonder WTF I’m making… if I get the mats I should be able to make something. But so much in New World is complete garbage. The skins, the dyes, and imagine if we could write and save and share our own music sheets? That’d be amazing.

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The irony is the crafting system is BETTER than the reward system from random drops. So that tells you how bad the entire itemization system actually is. It’s great for people with no life and a ton of cash to RMT with against the TOS but its not so great for your average Joe if they want to have the better not even the best gear.

The crafting “system”…cough cough, if you want to call it this is complete shit and has been since day 1 literally…there has been TONS of complaints, non-trash talking objective out looks and possible soluitions and each and every post has been met with 2 things…“What a great suggestion, we’ll pass it along” OR they outright refuse to comment like sooooooooooooooo many other post/s. Welcome to NW’s version of “A great crafting system” as described in a devloper stream and they talked about crafting for all of a minute and thirty seconds. They literally patted themselves on their back saying this is a great crafting system.
About the only GOOD thing about NW is the stunning graphics and cool weapons…well cool weapons for non-pvp players, shit abilities for pvp’ers bc AGS and the devs fully believe pvp and pve abilities should be the same and have the same value which has never ever worked in any pvp type setting in games. So again, welcome to what I call “The Crafters Complaints” postings, I made a couple, hundreds more have made crafting posts and you see for yourself how goooooooooood they think this shit craft system is

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I am not saying it’s the worst crafting in an online mmo, but as someone that broke 12 pieces of celestial gear trying to get divine gear in archeage back before it came state side. Even that was more fun than New World crafting.

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I mean, the player base is dying. They need to make changes before the economies die on each server. Maybe if thes dev studios listened to player feedback they’d have better numbers on the game.

Pretty much this has been said word for word and what do you see from AGS??..

Seems like they don’t care. I understand not all ideas are good ones but at least have a team that considers some feedback. There’s a lot of good ideas on this forum, alot that wouldn’t completely overhaul the current systems, and they’d just be additions. It’d be nice for the devs to actually care but I guess ill just play til ashes of creation drops.

Everquest 2 has a crafting enhancement where you increase the stats on an expensive item. If you fail you lose the item and your luck chance increases with max level and quantity of items crafted.

I had to close my eyes when I hit the button, THAT was fun!

The game already has a pity system its called Golden Scarab. Twenty crafting attempts is a low amount of attempts maybe people just need more commitment to making there items. Like this one person I know crafted 190 life staffs to get BIS now that is commitment!!!

There are only a few items in game that are hard to BIS craft. Armor with freedom is expensive. Weapons with enchanted expensive. Amulets and Earrings are not hard to BIS craft. The ring with mortal empowerment or invigorated punishment might take longer because of sourcing those mods.

I think crafting is good right now. But regardless its always better to buy the item on the trade post if you can.

I think the economy is declining for sure because a lot of people have what they need.

I rolled over 250 lifestaffs(at 7k per roll…) looking for 2 specific rolls (both were a 1/110 chance)… Not a single one was decent. Only to find out a month later they basically handed out BiS lifestaffs with the Halloween event recipes. Was enough to make me not play the game since.

Games with entirely rng gear progression are horrid. Players spending millions of gold to have a slim chance to get a specific piece should not be a thing.


Today, New World is no longer able to attract a large number of new players because once you reach lvl 60, the game becomes a long and tedious equipment race that requires you to do the same daily activities over and over again until you get bored.

Each update gives only two or three weeks of additional gameplay while this one took months to develop.
This means that the game relies solely on the game’s rng to keep the player waiting for the next one.

It’s an exhausting system that few really appreciate and makes New World a niche game reserved mainly for hardcore gamers who love grind at all costs and who have thousands of hours of play under their belt.

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I logged in today to do my PVP faction quests to get 2 orbs I didn’t even need and the faction quests are pretty boring, consisting of primarily running to a few locations… ultimately, I likely won’t do this again.

I agree at 60 the content gets boring fast and I simply don’t find myself desiring to login, and now I’m looking for a new game.

I want New World to be great but the dev team have no experience, and frankly need years to figure this out. They should have put money into hiring experienced and seasoned developers/gamers to build this game better.

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