This game needs OPTIONS for solo players to reach end game gearing

Even if the game is an MMO and even if you want to encourage group content, there NEEDS to be solo PvE content that allows gear progression in this game. It can’t just be reliant or skewed towards crafting, or farming bosses in Myrkgard, or even doing solo chests runs as the only viable options for bumping up watermark and farming end game gear progression. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to do those things (I’m personally not the biggest fan of crafting, am more a PvE/PvP person myself). Sure there are expeditions, but those are also gatekept by expensive tuning orbs, which also needs you to be good at crafting as well as needing to complete group content like portals to obtain those crafting materials. Even if the game is marketed with a huge focus on crafting, there needs to be viable and comparable options available for PvE/PvP solo players like myself.
All I’m asking is to at least make some sort of easy of access avenue that solo players can queue for end game content and farm gear watermark aside from Outpost Rush and spamming LFG in recruitment chat for elite runs in Myrkgard/etc., or have some sort of solo farmable PvE content that caters to solo players as well! (And from my experience, I haven’t even been able to increase the watermark of my gear through Outpost Rush either, even if it does or not). The end game gearing can’t be skewed to favour crafting only! As a PvE/PvP player, it just feels very limiting.


Yeah, I can’t imagine how bad it feels to play this as solo player. It now feels bad to go Myrkgard (and its portals) even with a lot of friends.

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There certainly needs to be more ways to acquire good gear than barshing faec [sic] against the same mobs in elite zones repeatedly. At the same time, I know this is not what you’re trying to hear, but this is an MMO at the end of the day; so the endgame does, and always should, require some amount of multiplayer.

I think the best option at your disposal currently would be crafting. If you’re into going out and gathering materials, you can build up trophies, buy a house in a town that frequently runs town buffs, and go ham making at least mid-500 tier gear. Eventually that can build into even better stuff, and the required time investment would certainly give you something to do for a very long time.

If you’re not in a company already, even as a soloist it might be a good idea to join one that owns a town you want to own property in. The tax cuts are pretty nice.

I ninja loot myrk the least, but ambusti, sirens, eternal pool, ebonscale too. A lot of places are capable of being solo ran, if you know the right paths and breathtaking points to drop mass aggro. Sure you can’t kill the boss but you sure can probably ninja loot his elite chest if your slick enough.

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That’s what I’m saying though. I’m saying crafting can’t be the “meta” in terms of getting end game gear. It should be an option, but not the singular meta. There should be implemented other viable options as well.

And if you read what I’ve said, I’m not saying there SHOULDN’T be multiplayer content, I’m saying there should be better integration of avenues that allow solo players to access those multiplayer content, like queueing systems for expeditions or even grouping for elite farming in Myrkgard/Reekwater/etc., or even implementing daily missions that players can complete for gold/azoth/gear, instead of just spamming LFG in chat. The only queuing system currently in the game is just Outpost Rush.

Again, I’m not saying those aren’t viable options, but they just feel so inorganic and unnatural compared to other MMOs where as a solo player there are options for you to queue for group dungeons or other end game content. If you actually ENJOY braindead looting chests to get end game gear, well then good for you, but some of us like a bit of a challenge in actually fighting bosses to get gear, which is being gatekept by the reasons mentioned above, and the lack of ease of access to this content.

I’m sort of focusing on two issues at once if that makes sense. One being the lack of variety of content for solo players to attain end game gear. Two being the lack of accessibility for solo players to attain end game gear.

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I mean I would agree it’s been stated many times on forums by quite a few people expeditions should be free tuning orbs should make the zones elite 60+ zones for farming 600+ gear


So breaking down what I said: I started with a statement of conditional agreement. I’ve played plenty of other MMOs where a solo player can be formidably geared, but they’re still gonna have to get into a dedicated group to get the shiniest of shinies. The idea is that we’re all citizens of this world and that no single person is the chosen hero of legend. The world will still turn when we die.

The bit about crafting and joining a company was simply advice on what to do with the resources we have now; nothing more.

More options to queue could be nice, but they’re a long ways off.

First off, the tuning orb system needs to be nixed, and I’m getting the impression that AGS is a bit too attached to them. As it is now, we’re in a world where it’s a royal pain to craft the item necessary to enter an expedition, so people don’t want to waste their key by gambling on players they’ve never encountered and the increased chance of failure. It’s like WoW Mythic Keystones, but for everything.

Second, though a lot of players are perpetually capped on repair parts and have more than enough gold to afford dying a couple times, repeated deaths add up. Once again, goes back to that gambling with randoms.

Third, OPR’s queues are pretty crude at the moment. I’ve seen more than a few pops where one side has nearly all the healers, and the other side gets rolled. Until their queueing system gets smarter, it’s not ready.

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