This game needs per server group finder for dungeons

Add per server group finder (not cross server)
Group finder should include:

  1. Roles
  2. Dungeon selector
  3. Backfilling

Dungeon orbs should also be removed, or have the price massively decreased.

  1. Dungeons should not be gold gated with upfront cost, and repair costs it gets to be way to expensive to even try to learn the dungeons, and get better at them.

I’m ok with keeping the endgame dungeons at one per week.

MMOS of today do not force players to pay 1000g to play dungeons, and its counter productive for a growing company to have to pay 1000g to go into a dungeon meanwhile still learning the fights, and possibly not even finishing the dungeon, but still learning as they go.

We should be able to easily get into a dungeon to practice and not have to deal with repair costs from dying over and over again while learning the fights, only to not finish it and have all that money go to waste.


I don’t care about repair costs but a ridiculous fee to get into a dungeon and no matchmaking across servers is ridiculous.

I don’t think it needs to be across servers but per server,
but repair costs can really add up for learning companies.

If you’re in a low pop server its almost impossible to get a dungeon or outpost rush and cross server instancing is pretty standard in MMOS nowadays.

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