This game needs War Cooldowns

I know this has been mentioned many times, but this game desperately needs a war cooldown period for individual players. Each player gets a daily defensive war, and a daily offensive war. New world needed it months ago, and we still need it now. It needs it for several reasons.

1:) Most servers are dominated by one company/faction. Whether that company is using shell companies to set different siege windows or if it is smaller companies working together. Companies typically use the same roster to defend/attack for every single war. A war cooldown would change this. It would make it so the same 50 players can’t control the entire map.

2:) The map would much more dynamic and engaging, so would PvP. If territories were flipping much more often it keep the game things fresh for longer. We longer have to fight the same 50 players over and over and over again. People get bored eventually from that.

3:) It would help balance the economy. Currently once a company owns EF and WW, it is extremely difficult to dethrone them due to how much gold they make, they can buy nearly everything they need to improve their gear. They have a massive advantage over anyone else. Sure, they could just turtle at EF or WW but it would be very difficult to hold both. Territories would flip often and therefore gold will go to more companies.

4:) Fewer players benched. There are many players who have only been in a couple of war, or no wars at all. To the point they either quit playing, or they stopped signing up. Especially in the early days. War rosters are very much a popularity contest. If players are limited to wars, other players would have to be slotted and so they would get to experience wars much more often.

5:) Lastly, it would promote much more collaboration within factions when having to organize wars. Collaboration builds communities, and communities keep the game from dying.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Hope you come to your senses and implement this AGS. It would greatly balance the PvP Territory system.


I agree. War cooldowns need to be implemented IMMEDIATELY before this game dies. Single companies (and their shell companies) dominating every server is demoralizing to the point where doing anything in the game seems pointless.


100% this game needs war cooldowns. Kshira Sagara has 1 dominant company that has taken over the entire map and has the same 50 man squad dominate every defense. Give other people a chance to participate in war and feel like they can compete.

Wars need to be a 24hr cooldown per player.


lol “War Cooldown”
change that a clan can only hold ONE City…
And you can only Defend your OWNE City and if you need help from the Company You become your mades Randoom …

This game doesn’t have enough to do right now. My choices are to grind or PVP. Before we remove content from the game we need content added. Otherwise it’s a dead game.

So… Status quo until new content, or risk losing players out of boredom

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The suggestions are nice but I don’t think you realize how people will exploit these cooldowns you’re proposing. My server already had issues after the merger of people pretending to be a faction they’re not, getting into a war then throwing it and faction swapping back over to their original color. Also there’s some people that invest more time and effort into their company’s territories, those people want to defend their territory and should have every right to do it. I do not pretend to know the solution to how AGS could help include more people in wars. Before mergers when our server was low pop we actually arranged a just for ‘fun’ war with the enemy faction prioritizing low lvls and newcomers in filling the roster to allow them the experience. The overall long term health of the server was always a concern of our company and allies. After mergers, all heck broke lose though and some very underhanded politics and such ensued. We have companies that do not care if they conquer all of the map and just kill the server.

I have three suggestions. I think there needs to be a break period after a war where the territory can’t be thrown back into conflict until maybe a day or two. Hard for smaller companies to constantly fill wars to defend over and over.
Second suggestion, Buff siege weapons for offense and defense. Siege weapons help lower gearscore players make an almost equal impact since their score does not effect the damage of the weapons.
Third big suggestion, Make shattered mountains a constant rotating war for the two outposts. Where the forces of corruption will retake the outpost after X days and reset ownership to neutral. Influence runs just like other territories but it costs nothing to delcare or maybe a smaller 5k amount. The two highest influencers of the 3 factions gets choosen to do the war. War randomly selects defenders and offense. 20 vanguard can be choosen by company running the war, the other 30 are randomized selected (preferring matching color faction first then back fill). Could even skip influence part and just do rotating war periods with randomized factions chosen to war (making sure each faction is at least fighting for one outpost). When the town is owned it gives luck bonuses to chests/mobs and perhaps other outpost gives extra portals loot. Could even be a war where 50 defenders of one faction (let’s say purple) fight off 25 from yellows from one side and 25 greens from the other side of fort. Anywho no need to hash out every detail, the main point being a rotating territory that resets ownership and allows other players a chance to be selected to participate in a war. Maybe with a bad luck thing working behind the scenes that increases your chances to randomly be selected if you weren’t last time.

This game needs not one single more time gate, it needs less.

Wars need to happen more frequently and involve more people, instead of excluding people.

The best solution is to completely remove all player influence over Settlements. That stops exploits of existing mechanics as well as any band-aid mechanics that might be overlaid.
Then make War just another instanced activity anyone can participate in.

New world wouldn’t be New world then if you got rid of player influence over settlements. For better or for worse the player influence creates communities and involvement. Unfortunately it can bring the worst out of human behavior too. I think more transparent logs of settlement activity and such would go a long way to hold people accountable. Make the currency brought in from taxes unique, like it can only be spent on town projects/upgrades. Declaring war could cost faction points instead, could be a company pool that members can contribute their faction points into. Then governors/consuls can spend that pool to declare war.


People are getting benched for a reason… if they dont like it they always have a chance to change company or even faction. You can create ur own company and declare too and control the roster.

Collaboration between companies - multiple wars at the same time or same day. Eventually they will run out of ppl or be tires of wars. Keep at it. Its not supposed to be easy.

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