This game really needs more enemy types

I just got to Restless Shore and I don’t know if I can continue.

The enemies are… pirates/zombies/ghosts, yet again.

Does this game have anything different? Is it just the same all the way through?

I was so upset to see Restless Shore is the exact same as Cutless. I was really hoping for something new after finally hitting level 40.

Man this is disappointing. It’s just the same enemies in every zone.


This game should be called “Zombies on a Farm”


It’s difficult for me to tire of zombies/skeletons, but I understand the sentiment. Perhaps as the world expands we’ll see more enemy types.

Maybe we can hope they will come with new expansions, yet is small world and i am 99% when world will become bigger so will arrive new enemy types

I kind of agree with this. And I would add that it also needs more types of quests. Scorting quests, rescue missions, mistery quests, puzzle quests and so on. It becames repetitive. Wich is something you already know you are getting into. But still, it could get some work and originality placed on.

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Well, they had indigenous people … but it got canned. So the quick turnaround was to have the corruption take over the people who explored or “crashed” onto the island …

It is a non high fantasy game… so not like they can put orcs and stuff

I would love to see some variance… but I am trying to think of other enemy types that can “fit” in the world lore … I draw a blank

well… that’s because… most of the “pve” things, were thought /rushed /created in the last year… the game wasn’t suppose to be a pve mainly game , that’s one of the reasons the pve feels so lackluster, and then they removed the stagger system which affects the way the combat feels in pve where you can clearly see how the enemies can cancel you anything if they attack you but you can’t do the same unless is something with CC

I have been having a great time with the game and I think the PvP is super fun. I would love to see more variation in the quests and enemies as well. The game outside of PvP and crafting/leveling is definitely bland. Which is a shame because the world is so aesthetic.

When your entire PvE content is copy pasted from one zone to another, things like this are expected. I mean have you seen one zone, you’ve seen them all. Difference is the scenery, that’s it, the content at level 5 is the exact same content you get at max level. It’s tiresome.

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