This game will be dead before thanksgiving

Yeah, I genuinely don’t think this game will be considered to be successful anytime within the next two years. PvP is basically just an exploit-fest, and while I’m sorta glad Rush came out, it’s killed every single one of my friend’s desires to play. We all have to be hammer, heavy, onyx’d or lifestaff crouch/cycle spamming.

Before anyone goes “well most of that is exploiting”, I think amazon lost any respect or power once they allowed people to do this since day one without any punishments sans mere 3 day suspensions. I’m personally “defending base” in rush to pile up money, and oh hey there’s some video playing on my second monitor.

It’s either that, or do the same cheese meta to be relevant.



Why should anyone listen to you? Nothing will make you happy, you’ll just go complain about something else, based on your post history


This is all your opinion you are trying to force down as Facts.
Get out.

And you are just another bitchboy who is complaining about everything in life I guess because you are unsuccesfull in everything you do. If you don’t like the game you can click “Uninstall” and fk right off. Noone is going to miss your sorry arse.

Haha jokes on you, thanksgiving was two weeks ago in Canada!

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Why not everyone who makes such bold statements and is 100% sure he is right about it doens’t swear to post a video where he eats dog poopoo if it’s not the case?

I had no idea that Nostradamus had returned. Welcome back, brother.

is that in Texas? never heard of that City.

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