This is a reminder to remove Wards, Trophies, Banes, Crafting sets

This is the worst thing in new world for me… the amount of ward gear you need for mutes
Bane weapons you need is crazy.
but my biggest issue is trophies, Every time i wanna craft something i have to wear a whole useless set, put trophies in every single house, eat food, and then go and craft.

the problem isn’t even that
Armoring trophy costs 50K in my server. ITS CRAZY you need 150K just for the 3 trophies
the set costs anywhere from 7K to 10k each piece, i guess i can waster 10hrs a day just to farm it but i don’t have that much free time…
why is the carfting gate kept to literally everyone that isn’t playing the game 24/7
i am a casual i don’t have the time to play the game 24/7
some of us have full time jobs bruh…

rework this
i am tilted
change it delete plz
this suxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
they are even adding human coating human trophies human ward human bane
omg just park a bullet in my skull plz

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or play the Game as an Mmorpg. Get a Company and a Mate who can craft. This is just the sad playstyle now… i need to do all my self.

idk i’d rather carft myself, i reached 200 just to craft myself
now i am cucked by trophies and other useless sht

now you have something to work towards so its not all that bad is it? We are playing an mmo after all

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All of the trophies are attainable by playing casually, it just takes more time. That is not the issue, neither is the ward/bane stuff. The trophies are easy to get now, just farm for the components and get 100 shards, done. Again it just takes more time to get, but all are attainable. What is rather clunky is having to go from house to house just to switch things up and having to change every pieces of armor manually instead of being able to build a loadout and switch with ease. MOST other MMOs have these QOLs at launch, and challenge players in different ways (such as quests, dailies, raids etc). NW is getting there but it has taken a lot of time to get there. One of the reasons I gave up tanking is because of all the gear I had to carry around with me constantly. It was a nitemare. But with loadouts I’ll consider tanking again.

As others have said, this is an MMO and SOME grinding is expected.

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so you want them to make a completely new game?