This is absolute BULL (que)

4 US East servers.

3 are maxed out with pop. 1 has a 300 player que, other has about 240, and the other 2 don’t. One is about 1950, without a que. Other is sitting at 1300 (for now).

I’ve been playing this game as a way to wind down from work. Only get a few hours a day to touch the game.

Second time being in que now. First time, it had a connecting to server error. Now qued again…

I avoided playing the game at release to avoid this. I transferred off of a server, after City of Brass merged into Castle of Steel, because I dislike populated servers.

Transferred from Valhalla to Ohonoo, because toxic children transferred to the server, and I just don’t want to deal with them. Week later, merged into Orofena.

This is beyond frustrating…

Add another server, and give us free transfer tokens. I don’t know who made the choice to do the server merges, a week before this update…but it was a HORRIBLE choice…seems to be a common theme coming from yall…

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They merged servers again so that the towns looked full again. I kid you not. A dev posted as such a few days ago.


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