This is how you fix your afk / bot gathering issues, Amazon

I’ve been happy playing and dealing with bugs and updates. It happens. But this afk issue has me not playing at this point. I’ve been kicked during my 2nd cast as fishing. Re-specing myself. And in the marketplace.

This is a wack and lazy fix for your afk system.

Your system, should it expect a player AFK. Or have had multiple reports from other players, should simply throw a gump with a 30 second window on the top right asking if they’re actually

Show a list of the 5/6 “tools” available and make the user check box which item corresponds with the image. Swap the sides.

I.e. show a piece of hemp, user will have to click the sickle, ore, pickaxe, fish, pole and so on.

Randomize the items, randomize button location,

STOP KICKING PPL trying to play. Thank you.


Hello @foreverhydrox
Thank you so much for sharing this idea, just as a recommendation, you should post it here:

That way we can always have the information in the right place so whenever we need it we go ahead and look for it.

Nice idea, but not really an accessible solution for people with specific impairments/disabilities. I bet due to the laws in the European Union, AGS is then forced to implement an audio captcha as well. As a matter of fact, no captcha can really be adapted to the needs of every disabled.

This will also just annoy legit players because it shouldn’t be a problem for bot creators to circumvent this kind of captcha. You know., they’re bot creators after all…

Find me someone than can functionally play this game, and be unable to use this feature.

In all complete honesty.

Anyone who couldn’t click on a button within a reasonable time window, would be unable to fish, fight, really travel outside of town for the most part.

It would be a much better solution than booting people off who are growing marketplace for being afk.

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