This is normal ? or some new game mode :)


just the fact that you’re a really bad player and the fight never seems to end, show’s it’s a glitch.

Im top pvp player with 80% arena win rate :slight_smile: . In this video i just testing rapier + bb. But you make a conclusion from a tiny video :slight_smile: lol

Umm…what do we have to go by other than you’re bad playing in this video? Top pvp player and you had that much trouble? yea…I believe that

Trouble in what ? just watching 2 mobs fighting and chill, and you say trouble :sweat_smile: lol man you are so toxic :sweat_smile: drink some water, and play your fire staff + life staff :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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What about this video indicated to you that this is a bad player? He’s literally chillen there, watching the bug happen with his hud off and when another mob comes for him he kills it no problem at all.

Im confused?? Lol.


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