This is not cool AGS


I mean what the fuck you being dedicated to the game has to do with it tho ? Every1 paid same money as u did but u sound like you think you matter more than most for some reason .

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I mean he stated “Dedicated Playerbase” not “Player” and support is garbage anyway. I’ve been missing my weaponsmith hat for over a month now and have been ignored over and over again.

I thought this was about a fan site which kept a list of game items or something due to the title. AGS lacks the in game support modern MMO’s have, their customer service agents can’t actually resolve anything.

I’m not surprised they are not giving you a refund.

  1. If its the specific house you own, then that would mean it is effecting all owners of that specific house.

  2. If however it is only affecting a couple people who own that specific house, or any house, it has less priority because it effects the least amount of people.

  3. Even if you can’t place stuff on the second floor, it realistically does nothing. You can place all chests and trophies on the first floor. Anything else placed is just extra fluff to increase some arbitrary worthless number for your home so potentially if you place enough valuable stuff your home will be shown to everyone in town. However at the end of the day that is meaningless and you are able to use all the benefits of having a home now.

Bugs suck sure, but this bug realistically does not actually negatively impact you. So why are you going around demanding free gold as if you are so special that you deserve special treatment. Do you realize how many people would lie about having this bug if AGS gave players a refund for the cost of their home, so that they can buy a home somewhere else completely. There are literally thousands upon thousands of players who would use that opportunity to move their home from its current location elsewhere either to have a better teleport location, or to prevent giving taxes to an enemy faction who is growing wealthy through the taxes players are paying in a city they feel forced to sell in because their home is there, their chests are there, and anywhere else is less convenient.

People can be pretty narcissistic and close minded in games. Sometimes its good to sit down and look at the bigger picture. No one at AGS is ever going to give you a refund, and if someone is dumb enough to do so, they will only create a bigger issue, as I have stated above. If you care so much you will buy a different home.

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