This is that 500 hour burnout thing

The 1st few days are fun then its boring repetitive grind. amazon made the grind worse multiple times further diluting what litte content there was to begin with. There’s that lingering feeling of what will be nerfed and what grind will be added next.

(nerfs is not balance. balance is balance)
pve is monotonaly boring and pvp is unfair at best and broken at worst.

I’m not here to beg for a refund or complain. i chose to spend my time in a game that frankly does not deserve another second of it.

Hope you all manage to find some fun. for me this is not fun and is over. ill most likely shelf the game for 6+ months to see if it gets fixed or dies. and no you cannot have my stuff :slight_smile:

Edit: Just adding some info as a few people missing that 500 hours equates to 60+ 570gs and 7ish 200lvl skills.

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That’s where lots of us are. 1-30 and 31+ are different experiences for the most part.

yeah every day from 35 ish to 60+ gs 570+/- on all slots was a hellish grind. 497.5 hours played total

It was so much fun lvling 1-60 so I can’t really complain.
But the community made it fun. So much going on, people everywhere, lots of open world pvp, people questing together. All that kinda just goes away after 60.

This is a forum for discussing things so lets… it very much needs to be discussed not complained about as no one wants that.

i think its important to just state what killed it for you as that might one day provide AGS with a reason their game died and can hopefully aid them to be better in the future or on a very rare chance fix this game

exactly now the whole server just stands in the grind spot that has not been nerfed that week and farm drops and gypsum no one actually doing a quest or just having some fun

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Check my post history,
I agree and already stated why I left and also did a post about why I think this game is moving in the wrong direction.

I agree with you,
thats why I said in before… because those are just toxic comments. I think people just do it to further put salt in the wounds on upset players. I don’t think someone is so retarded they feel they must actually defend a company from an upset player… Unless you are very young perhaps.

If I ran a company I would like to know why my customers are leaving. I agree we dont need posts like THIS GAME SUX…
But if someone is leaving and state “good” reasons why they do it I think that is valid feedback for the company. Sure you don’t need to agree on the reasons but those are what broke it for that player… You cant make a game to keep everyone satisfied, its impossible. But if 99% of the players thats leaving state the same issues there is probably something you might want to fix…

For me it basically comes down to AGS not respecting players time (they only introduce grind and they do not fix broken stuff in time) and the game is just unrewarding (for me… as pvp:er)…

Completely agree. And it will only be worse after the Umbral patch and the unnecessary, unrequested, increase to 625.

If anyone is interested. This video by josh strife hays on YouTube is the most well put together video from 100ds i know of and is unbiased and to the point and covers all major issues from beta to 1.2. Please watch if you want share if you need.

Thanks everyone for not vomiting toxic comments on my thread.

just went and googled in before

Used on internet message boards and forums to imply that the poster expects a certain type of post/message to occur later in the particular thread, or that the thread will be locked when a moderator sees it.

its not a term i have seen before thanks for the education and i now understand your original reply :slight_smile:

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Casual have no stuffs

oh fun the 1st troll is here.


1st. But trolls don’t count well, not known for their intellect,

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Wait I don’t even know anymore.

Lets just call it a general comment to those still grinding :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are making the 30+ grind 20% faster if I recall from the patch notes.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the 30+ grind honestly feels very hollow.

Push though, grind town boards, gather/refine, eventually you will hit 60! That’s when the real grind begins.

Honestly my friend, the game is good, it has it’s moments and at least for me what keeps me playing is the community we’ve made. I feel bad for those who only have the Bots to keep them company when leveling now.

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