This is the best maintenance ever?

Great job to the amazon games team, they deserve some credit!


This is the third maintenance ever. Hopefully it’s a continuing trend.


-First maintenance: 2,5 hours extended
-Second maintenance: 4 hours extended
-Third maintenance: -1 hour less than the 5 hours stipulated

Awesome, nice job!


yeah good job, started in good EU timeframe, didnt take 8 hours. Perfect


Under promise and over deliver!

5 hours DT and take 6… get abuse
5 hours DT and take 4… Your a god!

If you think DT is 4 hours - say 5…


For not fixing any of the actual bugs?


The best way to go.

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yea gg to them

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Fixing the invincibility exploit was not a bug? Did you read the patch notes?

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  • Fixed issues with the T4 and T5 azoth staffs— go close those high level portals!
  • Fixed an issue causing the abandoning event notification to persist.
  • Fixed a housing UI issue. The UI will now correctly shows that property taxes are subject to the full price of the home, and not impacted by the first time home buyer discount.
  • Fixed issues with early game spawning. The watchtower respawn point is replaced by the Settlement after it has been discovered. Players no longer incorrectly respawn at a Watchtower after selecting to respawn at a Settlement.
  • Fixed various localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where not all items for Town Projects were consumed when completing the mission.
  • Resolved login errors that prevented players from accessing their character.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arena keys to not drop as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Runic Bear armor to not be appropriately dyed during Wars.
  • Fixed a pet placement issue. Pets placed in an otherwise empty house now remain in the home after the player logs out, instead of returning the pet to the player’s inventory.
  • AP Southeast servers now display the correct time zone in-game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Company invites to persist after decline/accept.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rajah spawns to stack forever - one big cat at a time, please!

Update: Our team was able to include a few other urgent fixes into this week’s update. The following issues have been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused holding and dragging around the client while in windowed mode to constantly retrigger invincibility.
  • Fixed an issue that caused taxes to not go into the controlling company’s treasury.
  • Fixed an issue that caused penalty length for suspensions and bans to say “Over a year”.
  • Fixed issues with companies not receiving some territory taxes.

Bro we can bash the game all we want and we have a lot to complain. But they are doing a better job every week.


If we set the bar so low, I totally agree: they get better every week, so cheers!

You can get the expectations you want, but lying it’s not an argument.

Congrats and thanks amazon


Can confirm azoth staff is now working, GOOD!

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Holy shit. Gg

I just hope Outpost Rush is fixed by the time I hit 60. War is too exclusive, and from what I’ve seen, not that fun.

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I love the fact that they changed the time for EU server maintenance the elder scrolls never done that in the 5 odd years i played a big thank you to amazon.

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Oceania which is Australia/New Zealand/Singapore etc lose an entire day of new world because of this patch time!

Please change this we are very angry we are literally not able to play it on a patch day at all with this time.

We didn’t buy a game to be able to play it 6 out of 7 days lmao.

our down time is literally around 5pm-12am prime time which means anyone that has work cant play at all that day.

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Punishing Storm fixed this patch? I’ve been holding off getting it for Ice Gauntlet cause of the weapon swap bug with it.