This is the best MMO by far, if

Your a casual player like me.

Been playing since release, just hit lvl 35. Been playing MMOs since the 90s UO.

  • Best graphics hands down.
  • Most immersive world.
  • Love the realism and simplicity.
  • Doesn’t try to be everything to everybody and dilutes its lore (WoW).
  • Fluid combat and physics comparatively (lineage, Tera, BDO).
  • Probably the most realistic crafting system.

These are my opinions, and for $40 I’m likely going to get a year of entertainment out of this product easily. And I know for a fact there are thousands out there like me, I’ll wait out the bumps I’m sure AMZ will fix them - eventually.


Congratulations :partying_face: on a non complaining post, now just wait for the community to start throwing hate at this thread, im off to get my popcorn :innocent:



Level 30-35 is around the sweet spot that turns the game from being good to increasingly getting worse. So be careful.


Nice :smiley:

I know this game is amazing when you are just leveling and exploring the world, it’s a great time and i had a lot of fun with it myself back then.

Keep doing what you do and enjoy! :smiley:


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the game is legit fun at those lvls

enjoy it while it lasts



The game is most fun at the beginning, where everything you do gives you progress. No matter what you touch it goes “DING!” new level. Then you start stagnating. Progress becomes slower and slower. You still log in daily but where once everything you touched seemed rewarding, now nothing at all seems rewarding and you’re left seeking that occasional dopamine kick whenever you see something orange pop up in a bag, only to realize it’s a crafting mat worth 60g. You carry on with your miserable life, slashing, shooting, looting. Years pass, you still play New World. The game has many flaws but you accept them just like you accept your own flaws. You make friends and foes that last for a life time. You’re old but not alone. During your last breaths, you reflect upon your life. You ask yourself: “Was it worth it?” But before you can answer the question yourself, you’re sent 30 years into the past because AGS figured out that the economy never recovered from the disasters of patch 1.1.


You’re no ranger, jabnes, only a green boy with the smell of summer still on you.


From the hundreds of similar posts you’ve spammed the forums with, I think you’re not ‘casual’ anymore Jeffrey!

Come on daddy J? Do you think we don’t know :wink: :wink:
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Same for me :slightly_smiling_face: (except that I hit level 60 weeks ago, because I play a lot.)

Congratulations! :partying_face:

I agree with all your points. It’s in fact just like that, it’s a pitty that it wasn’t fully polished and bugs/exploits found sooner (in some cases it was just AGS not listening to the players that sounded the alarm on lots of these before launch, but oh well).

I am still hopeful that they will turn it around, but like you, I have played MMOs for a very long time (I am the age where i saw the birth of the internet, so…old…i’ll leave it at that xD), and we know what happens to MMOs that don’t have the best start.

I wish that would have community representatives (almost EVE like), where actual players give direct feedback to Devs and changes are made.
Or Amazon invest some more of money on AGS to boulster the team and make it a better and more robust team (I mean, it’s Amazon…there is certainly no lack of money).

I was just reading that they are spending $1B for Lord of the Rings TV series (which will record it’s second season next year and hasn’t even starred the first season yet).

It is kind of heartbreaking to watch.

Haha, i am optimistic that this game will have a soft wipe.
Where new worlds will be created and ppl from old worlds won’t be able to transfer for at least a minimum of 4 months (i hope). and we can all enjoy a fresh game with less of a bug/exploit and dupes hopefully.
With a wipe like that at least ppl who spent more then 500hr and claim they will quit because of a full hard wipe, won’t leave and just will have to handle a server with 30ish players until the new worlds be available to transfer xD.

i think ags still has chance just like final fantasy did, they just need to grab it. But somehow i don’t know if they will, i dont know why, but it seems some problems and features still remain because devs might be at gunpoint if they change it they will be shot lmao.


“Fluid physics”

I assure you:

  1. I can jump higher IRL than my character can ingame.
  2. I don’t get stuck in pebbles on the ground
  3. I can jump over rope fences.

I could go on, but sure. Also:


congratulations OP:


lol, what? You may be confusing me with someone else, btw I’m not the one with the hidden profile … projecting are we? :+1:

Realistic crafting system ;D ;D ;D ;D

SO you give 4 hits to a tree to fell it. Then you repeat this 4000 times. The same you do with other stuff (collecting fibres, ores etc.)

Then you craft it all into T1 stuff, because this is most efficient. After you crafted like 3000 baskets, you are a master crafter and are able to make the best furniture in the world.

Or you craft like 3000 iron gauntlets (same reason as above) and suddenly you are one of the best blacksmithes in the whole world.

Ah yes and all the stuff you crafted is totally worthless.

Then you celebrate yourself. OMG am i awsome, craft lvl 200. That is the point when you realize, you still cant make money worth mentioning. Finally you realized you could have sold all that T1 stuff for like 100-150k k. A sum which you never will earn back with your crafts (ah yes and almost all your crafts are still worthless even for yourself).

Dont get me wrong, you get a lot back for your 40 EUR, but with 35 you cant see all the flaws yet.


Unfortunately, the further you get beyond 35 and closer to 60, the game slows down to a crawl and the cracks really begin to show themselves.

I did however, most certainly get every cent of my $40 worth!

New world is awesome … Who complain atm , is who com from x and y game which was out 10-18years befor.

New world just got out around 2m so there is more inc if most of people understand that… But some kids want everything start like which game they play in the pass for couple of years

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You’re in the sweet spot

You should have waited before writing this. Wait being around 40-45 and you’ll see the whole picture.

Unfortunately. :pensive: