This is the mode people were hyping up (Outpost Rush)?

After a month of it not working (I mean, what does work?), I thought I would check out what Outpost Rush is like.

What even is this clusterfuck? No one dies because of heavy armor and AoE healing. There is no spawn protection and only one exit from the spawn? (I’ve tried the sides. They all have invisible walls you can’t jump over.) Capturing points is a matter of having more healers in a mode with no team balance system in place? Outpost Rush is not a good PvP experience.

This mode also has the same problems that open-world PvP has. You can’t kill anyone you catch out because there is no stagger. You can instantly heal to 100% from a single potion that doesn’t slow you down when you drink it. And there is no stamina management anymore because sprint is on by default, and you get all of your stamina back in a second.

This is good PvP? Nine people being unable to kill two others because hits do 2% to them and they can infinitely spam AoE healing and hammer stuns?

This game needs stagger brought back and arenas as soon as possible. The PvP is a mess in this game.


its just a giant zergfest like everything in this game that involves multiplayer PVP (well, even PVE is just zerging)
Healer vs Area DPS almost no tactics involved.

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Correct. Pve (I do like crafting when we aren’t at war) wanted this to get released yesterday and this is what we got. Arguably one of the worst flops for now. Hoping combat and pvp get a full face lift. The system does not work at the moment.

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Oh, I’m very aware of why the PvP is terrible now. Been following the game for quite some time. It’s depressing to see.

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Stagger combat will correct most of the issues. Can’t blame the developers because we’ve seen what amazing system it was so I do feel this change came from above. If I was in their shoes I’d be disgusted with myself at the end result of the code. From a business standpoint I get it.

This pvp is truly meant for a certain type of individual that has a very low attention span. Maybe we are just wiser.

This combat has to change, yesterday. Pve got what they wanted and it’s great. Super fun not entirely difficult with some, in my opinion, very cool restrictions forcing you to craft more but man they did a number on a pvp and not like a be gone with you type of deal but a full middle finger to the pvp community.

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