This is what happens when you give players too much power

When you design a game that can be exploited, taken advantage of, and easily manipulated by the players, this is the kind of stuff you get.

I should not have to say this. Other MMORPG’s for the past 20 years have created and implemented a plethora of creative solutions to solve issues like this, and this game employs none of them. Does anyone at AGS who works on New World have any extensive experience in playing MMORPG’s?

When I see stuff like this, it gives me ZERO incentive to play, but frankly anymore I am starting to think that is exactly what AGS wants.


Think of all the money they are hoarding and giving to all green on that server…getting usable money for in-game items for owning territory is by far their worst idea.
The rich get richer.
Now green has snowballed so much, the chance of others coming back is smaller and smaller every week.

Replace received taxes with region buffs or something to that degree, they need to do something quick. I’m so tired of people crying, “need to increase gold cap” are you f*cking kidding…99% of us will NEVER hit gold cap. Only reason they are hitting cap is because they sit back and own territory. Same 50v50 people in each war, highly exploited.


Agreed. It just creates a downward spiral that is no fun for the remaining player base and surely has an impact on AGS bottom line (I tend to not spend money on games that I am frustrated with…I imagine others feel similar.)

Ya, I don’t know why gold tax was ever allowed to be used beyond towns. That gold should never enter a players hand or be able to be exchanged. Seems like a gold sellers dream.

This is the wrong question. The correct one should be “does anyone on the ags team have any experience at all with mmorpg design”. The answer to that is “no”. honestly we just need the systems designers (those reposible for issues like this) to be having the experience on how to handle such situations, but they don’t.

Btw, one is coming in the patch.

I have been talking about these issues for a while now, however, the fundamental flaw to the problem is not even directly related. The issue with the “scope of power” in the perk system, specifically the third perk on gear is what is a problem.

Removing the third perk or creating a system where people can easily change it would revolutionize the games balance and correct the issue, because after that point gold in the wars would not be able to create a monopoly over the games power and ultimately through that wars.

In otherwards, if people could trade perks on any piece purely because of azoth costs, the wars would have near equal balance. Balance would be in the hands of players and because balance ultimately would be “equalized” the wars and advantages and disadvantages so to would be.

This would remove the problem you are posting about and correct other issues, like pvp balance.


The main problem that AGS didn’t understand is you can never trust your own playerbase to play fair, that’s why every MMO out there controls these kind of things. People will always grief, exploit or take advatange over every mechanic possible. People are dicks, they should be given the least amount of power possible regardless gameplay experience against others.

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While I do not disagree that previous employment working on a AAA MMORPG would have been beneficial, a designer or a person who applies design principles whom has also experienced and desconstructed design within an MMORPG would be equally as effective, which is why I phrased my question the way I did.

Your idea would definitely change the entire landscape of the economy, wars, OPR etc. I can’t see how it would be a bad thing, but at the same time the devs clearly intend to gate content at a specific rate (due to the little content the game offers in the first place) and allowing the player to swap perks to craft BIS gear at little cost might speed content consumption too greatly. This is something that is hard to determine because we do not have access to their internal metrics.

I would guess their fear is that content consumed too quickly would result (and it would) into less player engagement over time, which could kill the game with fewer playing it.

At the same time, the game is so grindy in other aspects, it might actually bring people back if they could craft appropriate gear for the content. Hard to say.