This is what happens with shill advice

The variable is a slider to help calculate total.

If you want to be accurate use the chart OP provided to add each hour’s CC to get total daily.

It is not hard to understand, unless you assume CC=daily total.

And yes, it was an attack.

Quite simple

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In my opinion, your long explanative post missed OP’s point, which was that focusing on PVE content has not increased player numbers or retention AT ALL.

I think OP is suggesting that perhaps if AGS had focused on both pve AND pvp content, that payer numbers would be better than they are now.


its not super hard to line up dates to player numbers in steam. PvE expansions generate the hype but they can only replay them for so long before they become stale. A combination of PvE and PvP is the only way this game survives.


Spot on… I doubt they had the ability to digest the content of the post.

Thou a mention needs to be made, GAME needs to be replaced with MMORPG in ur post.

There are plenty of vastly succesful PvP Games out there, however they are not MMORPGs… when I want a full PvP experience, i don’t play a MMORPG, i got play a MOBA or a Shooter or a BR. PvP in a MMORPGs is the cherry on top, the thing that I enjoy doing, but should never be the main reason to play said MMO.


You are trying to calculate a total, but concurrent player data does not show unique player counts, so your premise is flawed.

An incorrect assumption, further explaining why you get the erroneous numbers you got. :rofl:

I agree this is quite a hard concept for you to understand, because concurrent players is not unique players and you cannot calculate daily total unique players using concurrent player data. :rofl:

If you felt attacked, it is because you provided a flawed statement, with faulty reasoning, to support your ludicrous claims, with NO ACTUAL DATA to back any of it up, just wildly inaccurate assumptions on your part.

That is not attacking you, that is attacking the statements you made. If you cannot tell the difference… :person_shrugging:


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Good to know you agree CC is not accurate. Not a reliable source of success or failure.

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Eve also has an extremely high bot rate, last report showed 36% and it was years ago. Its suspected to be even higher now. Eve’s population is just now getting higher than new worlds because of nw’s bleeding.

I strongly believe eve has a lot to offer new world pvpers, specifically in new world. I believe that its open world concept can be replicated here, and its political system should be improved upon and added to new world.

These two aspects would make world pvp amazing, and would truely push new world back into the direction of a sandbox mmo.

I Would also like to strongly state that at no time should any pvp focused zone in new world ever have other resources found in the rest of the game (ie ori, wood, ore, herbs, etc). It should have its own resources for its pvp related reasons. I will debate on if it should be tradeable or not.

It doesn’t matter what game you play. None are immune to the cycle of the season. I am not going to attribute the entire population degradation to it but you have two cycles.

  • Good Weather (Spring/Summer) / Bad Weather (Fall / Winter)
    • During the bad weather seasons populations go up especially when kids are back in school and families aren’t out on vacation.
  • Content Release Cycles
    • We haven’t seen any real substantial content released in several months. The content we have seen has been to go wider on existing offering instead of deeper offering more depth to end-game PVE or additional modes for PVE.

These things together have contributed to the population numbers. That an a lot of other games coming out. Players being transient now days. Reactions to mishandled communications regarding balance patch, how that has negatively impacted the economy for three months, there’s alot to go into it.

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I do not agree with your statement here, at all.

Concurrent player data is 100% accurate, as it is provided by Steam itself.

Why do you think concurrent player data is NOT accurate?

Pax Dei… check it out… they are doing amazing work, soonTM Alpha, and it will have a lot of things inspired by EvE (since it’s a lot of the core developers from EvE).

Resources will be tradable, and crafters will be the Top of the Food Chain, just as it should in a Sandbox.

As for NW:

I believe NW will never go towards a more sandboxy element, so it’s a bit pointless to keep pushing for those elements.

However it can get better with a better direction… having more content of the content they are already willing to have, more zones for more wars, more battlegrounds and so on.

Thou any new content is pointless if they refuse to improve the foundations of the game… that desperately need to be on the same level as other MMORPGs. Character creator, Character visuals (so they dont look disconnected from the world), more Variety in playstyles (aka weapons/builds) QoLs and so on.

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one of the problems killing the game is the fact Shell companies is still a MAJOR issue… my main server has 1 company called 15k with 2 shell companies part of it that control multiple parts of the map… so the shell companies issue is still a thing that has yet to be fully addressed which is gating content (Invasions and wars as usual)… I would like to suggest that owning territory pay out even less then what it does now or give an option in game, to click on a territory and report the current owner for being a shell company, and to take it a step further, make it so a company can not own more then one territory… THEN I would like to suggest a “Battle Zone” much like OPR but with a much larger map, and make it 50v50v50 (If this is possible?) I know Raids are going to be a thing soon, and thats excellent for PvE AND PvP players alike, BUT it will not fulfill the craving for large scale war that alot of people want :-/ so the whole 50v50v50 thing could fill that void, and make it drop in drop out style, so rather then it being a match, make it a long lasting battle where the winner will be determined over the course of 7 days based on accumulated points over the course of the battle.

I think pvp content has slowed down for this year because AGS is focusing on the future of the PVP content, they are working on the backend structure… the cross-server platform for OPR, Arena, Dungeons, Wars etc. Once that’s finished and the content is easily available to everyone, no matter the time of the day or night or what region you are on then pvp player numbers will increase drastically and then you will see pvp content being released a lot quicker.

It’s similar to the PVE content, PVE content is relatively slow to release too, but AGS are working on the infrastructure for a lot of content and once it’s done they will be in a position to release content in a quicker fashion.

I think once we have cross-server OPR etc we will have ranked, cross-server wars(similar to OPR) that can be queued as a premade and none premade. It’s the only way to keep the game mode alive as it’s pretty much dead. I think AGS will just remove territory ownership at that point and just use leaderboard wins to calculate payouts instead of territory ownership.

yeah, that cross server stuff sounds awesome! I believe that is the first step towards Sever based wars as well, like how Guild Wars 2 have World Versus World Versus World… something like that in this game, I believe would bring people back, but that is just the opinion of one person who truly loved the WvWvW system from GW2 lol

Exactly. Regardless of what the self proclaimed MMO savants in this thread think.


We’ll see, I still have hope, and as such I hope they manage to pull it off.

For me I think things need to be addressed in this order:
QoL (the universal storage need to be properly implemented, 30 gear set slots, all these half measures need to be properly completed)
Character agency (customization options, ur character is the most important thing in mmorgs, and it totally sucks in NW).
Mega-servers (cross server everything)
Mounts (coming-confirmed)
Battlegrounds (like 3 new ones at least)
Raids (coming-confirmed)
More weapons (we need an assassin archetype so ranged characters stop being so damn oppressive)

The rest can be whatever… But idk if they will ever be implemented, we don’t see the devs addressing most of them.

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Give it time, the game now is 1000 times better than it was back at launch. The devs are working on things, some of the content might feel like it’s going a little slow but that’s because they are working on the backend ( the cross-server stuff) and implementing it into a game that was never designed for that type of thing.

I think once all the cross-server stuff is done, the content will be easier and quicker for the devs and they will be able to release more game modes. Probably next year they will have finished it all.


Eve is that low?! Would have assumed it was far higher than that. Is there something missing there by chance?

It also has a client off steam, someome reminded me, should over 20k concurrent.

The game is still going strong, with about 150k daily players still. Let’s be honest if the game had only been pvp and nothing else, it would have shut down after a month lol, it’s the PVE players that are keeping the game going, without the pve players there would be no bis gear to buy, no money from the tax’s for companies to get so no one would do any wars.

I think if you looked at the statistics between the number of players playing only PVE content and the number of players doing only PVP content, the amount of PVE players is a lot higher than that of PVP.