This is why everyone is broke in a nutshell


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Um… just salvage it for that price? Can’t remember the last time I tried to sell a bit of gear on the AH

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If you were to reduce the amount of time it’s listed to one or 3 days it might go positive… If you could sell it in that time.

Also, the staff you selling has slot then it could sell for more than others…


Well to progress in crafting you need to make hundreds of tools, nobody needs them because everybody is basically forced to make them either way

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Its funny you posted this. I was thinking the same thing.

I went to sell some stuff yesterday and after I saw that summary I just salvaged everything. I also figured - hey, I’ll level up armoring so I can maybe sell a few bags for profit. Great idea right? Nope - I need to spend a fortune on a rune from the faction vendor…

Now bags do have a good capacity to get some cash. However it’s getting decent rolls to sell that’s a problem. Add onto that the fact everyone will eventually be able to make them themselves and that’s a problem. Could potentially use a rare drop rather than the rune to add some value.

However with the cash flow on this game not sure I want to make t5 bags more expensive.

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Also, something cool I realized, some steel ingots might go for 5 money, but the item is selling for 3 money, if you salvage the item and might get 1 to 2 steel… Might make sense to buy to salvage to sell lol… Only for steel items maybe…

The demand isn’t near the supply most the time. Big problem with game. Supply of everything insanely abundant…

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Yup no arguements here.

Their split of the gathering materials is nutty. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where the t1 raw mats out price the high level so much.

cant be worse then Swtor or WOW auction houses LMAO. 1B credits- the market cap- per item, which is funny. I had to buy the Darth Revan set for like 6 months of credit farming for 3-4 hours day. Some items cost a 1 year of time for a casual player. crazy

Green gear isn’t even worth selling, just salvage it for repair parts and move on.

The first post should literally be a picture of you trying to sign up for an outpost rush and then the pop up saying “This game mode is currently disabled”

I mean, it’s possible those people listed for only 1 day instead of 14 and may make a very small profit. Still should just salvage them though for that price.

Because in this game trading post is trash dump. Whose brilliant idea was it not include NPC to sell trash? Hmmm

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