This Musket Nerf Is Too Much - Change my Mind

There is absolutely no way these AGS developers coded this inaccuracy while they were sober. First of all, WHY inaccuracy? Do they not understand that for a long range weapon like the musket, even the slightest inaccuracy impacts whether or not a TINY little bullet even hits?

“Well they should just play closer.” Please. We can’t play within 10-50m without getting our heads chopped off within five seconds anymore. Not only did they implement inaccuracy (even while we stand still while shooting), they nerfed the rapier even harder. Still don’t understand why, considering barely anyone played rapier anymore.

I’ll just leave this here guys. I’m just tired of the constant wave of poor decisions made by the devs when making combat changes. It’s one thing to nerf the damage or output of a weapon, but to nerf it mechanically? Punishing players who do everything right?


To be honest, I don’t feel sorry for this nerf at all.


Why should you ? You’re a hater…
If your favorite weapon was nerfed like that you’d be happy ?
Honestly all the haters wanted the musket to be deleted from the game, well, AGS can now delete it, musket is useless as fck now, even playing stationnary in wars, you won’t do anything with your musket…
AGS just wondering did you even care about the players who has spend their entire time trying to max out their build, and in a blink of a eyes you just drestoyed everything ?
Thanks AGS thank’s to all the haters. What a great community we have here



good riddance

I wouldn’t feel that bad if we got a nerf elsewhere, such as in damage falloff or whatever. The fact that this makes it so that we can’t even shoot properly PERIOD is a problem, even if we do everything right. Inaccuracy when standing still, strafing, crouching, in shooter’s stance, is way too much.

Because you have made people hate. You know the reasons very well, I don’t need to count one by one. The biggest crime in this is the AGS. Now trying to be cute.


the nerf is on point. i like it on ptr


A part of me believes I should not want the Musket to be this ineffective, but the more primal part of me is overjoyed :stuck_out_tongue: I think that even if this change causes muskets to miss their shots 95% of the time, it should stay in game for a good month or so. Allow people to experience what PvP is like without Muskets. Then, sure, tweak it.


I gotta be honest, I couldn‘t be any happier with the changes.


You mean you dont have pin point accurate laser gun anymore? So sad for you mate! :smiley:

Weapon is way closer where it always should be. You need accuracy to use it close combat - then its like now. You dont have to wait for crosshair to get smaller it will hit anyway.

And on longer distances it takes time to aim. You cant move and if target is keeping moving its not easy to aim at him. It always should be like this.


Here’s how to fix.

Get rid of the forced inaccuracy…aaaaaaaaaaaaand…


Sad thing is that people that hate this weapon so much are the same ppl that run 500str light build and dont understand idea that if you build like that - you should die on 2 shoots from musket. Never seen medium/heavy build crying about muskets. Bah there are even light builds that actually exchange some dmg for durability by adding some resists or con to their builds. For some reason those people are the most vocal and probably that the reason it get deleted :frowning:

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I’m a hater too lol, but for once I will side with my enemies cuz they gutted tf outta bruisers. I’ll be praying for y’all muskets and i hope y’all praying for bruisers.

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They’ll fix the bloom widen on character and mouse movement for sure. All the haters who think the current bloom widen on movement is ok need to be put on an exclusion list for any balance topics…

No more aim bot I suppose lol. For those that played musket without aim bot… I’m sorry but it was EZ mode weapon and we all know it. This change is long over due.


the bruisers and muskets coming together to set our classes right :handshake:

I guarantee you that you have lol.

Issue here is it looks very random. I combine musket with Ice/fire therefore most of my gameplay is on like 20m range if I want to use those weapons as well. From what I see even on that range it will be bad. I got headshot perk on my musket - I will have to throw it away now because why use perk that is RNG now…

healer runs light
mages run light and medium
lots of other builds run medium

Medium was like… oh lets get out of here… muskets were like… NOOO. 2 Musket player team 3 shots later. >.> RIP.

I hate on musket. But at the same time i was also very outspoken to just frigging drop the damage over the distance. Give it an effective range. And an ineffective one.
I always wondered if it was designed as the sniper of this game… and i still thinks so.
What i really wonder is… why the f is your aim all over the place and how are you supposed to hit moving bosses with it.

… i think thats a major flaw, because all bosses they create. They move constantly.