This nerf is awfull

  • Riposte
    • Increased cooldown from 12s → 18s.
  • Evade
    • Increased cooldown from 6s → 12s.
    • Swapped the positions of the Crescendo and Breathe In upgrades. As a result of this change, points in this tree will be refunded and need to be respecced.
  • Fleche
    • increased cooldown from 17s->20s.

u guys said that wanted the rapier used as primary and not secondary but ironically after this nerf there will be no aggro rapier players, but the rapier who run can actually run anyway whit his life staff, awfull. nerfing a tier B weapon to hell, do u guys remember why buffed barrier ? why u nerf now the barrier the fleche and the evade 100% of his fcking coldown ? are the devs on drugs or what

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