This patch should have been an opportunity to regain trust and rebuild excitement with the addition of a new weapon, and instead you turned it into something shitty with a bunch of stealth nerfs to progression to increase the time sink

These nerfs could have been announced days in advance with the PTR like crafting was, as I’m sure they were already planned, but AGS was so afraid of blowback that they chose the worst possible option of springing it on everyone instead… for a playerbase that is already overwhelmingly negative and critical of everything they do. What an absolute debacle. I sincerely hope a lesson is learned from the reception over the next few days or you’re in for a very bumpy ride. Please try to at least get server merges out the door before your next go at fucking with the game solely for the sake of MAU statistics. People hitting 590 watermark too quickly should be the least of your concerns right now, but if you’re going to do shit like this you should at least be upfront about it.

Incidentally, my company went out to Myrkgard tonight in a 10-15 man group, spent 6 minutes fighting one tactician and mage, saw how badly elite chests had been nerfed, and logged out halfway through to go play League of Legends. These are people who are mostly at watermark already with thousands of hours in game collectively, so it’s not like they’re casual. They were excited for tuning orb changes and by the end of the night nobody was even talking about New World anymore.

I’ve defended the game against a lot of the misinformation and hyperbole that’s popular on the sub but this change was a clear fuck-up and a step in the wrong direction.
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What did you expect? Didn’t you learn from previous experience? Maybe this time.


There is no form of feeling rewarded for the time spent farming WM in those areas anymore. Whats the point of still doing so then? A lot of players, me included lost the motivation to still grind these

I didn’t mind it at all when they stopped trading towards one another, or when they closed out the marketplace. Or even nerfed the life staff, which I am a main healer. But what they did to the elite zones and how they nerfed the loot is just a bad move for them to do. Especially when they’re slowly losing players everyday. With this they’ll be losing a lot more.

you mean 50k per week?

I’m usually not one to bitch about stuff but I agree here. The nerf to the elite zones was just insane… I hate this stupid watermark thing in the first place. I was slowly getting my watermark up running elite zones daily… yep the same path over and over each day. I could deal with it, it’s boring but now it takes 3-4x as long and you get quarter the results of the chests. I just want to run lazerious and genesis. At the rate it’s gonna be 2 more months before my watermark gets to 590 to even run the damn things. And it not be a total key waste… This sucks ive defended the game every step of the way I could but I’m running out of reasons why to defend it. And don’t even get me started how bad wars are again… unplayable…… It’s all just discouraging. I don’t wanna give up but maybe a break for a while idk what else to do before I get to where I just don’t even wanna turn the game on anymore.


As long as we only hear „all according to plan, we look at our spreadsheets to see how much fun you have“, nothing will change

I should have power leveled to 60 and duplicated myself 500K in gold.

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Man down.

WM grinding is dumb. AGS should toss the whole system out. They need to add in more varied and dynamic quests that take place on the main map that aren’t instanced. Corruption portals aren’t close to enough.

im in the same position. i resisted and endured until i could. When i felt it was an “hyperbole” (like you said) i tried to even defend AMG and am still playing despite being in an almost desert server (trying to increase my crafting skills before i transfer).

Today is the day im giving up. Going back to PoE. Its not only the nerfs (which honestly are quite bad imo) to progression… its the blatant lack of talk with the community. There was huge feedback during the PTR to try to adjust many things, and none of them was used. I’m not even mentioning the bugs. Every patch something is fixed, another bug emerges.

This game wasnt ready for release. It needs at least 1 year or more of development. And im finally done with it

well maybe when the numbers continue to decline they will finally start adding more PVE content now that will bring back the player base

Yup, I’m wondering what’s the point with end game so bad, non existant balance and how these patches are handled.

lol right, what is the worst thing that could have happened. 24 hour ban? Seems worth the risk.

@Lenir that will be too late by that point. Everyone will have quit

quite possible…I think the developers were forced to go PvE for the financials but really have no interest in PvE

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