This recent patch might be the worst patch I've ever experienced in an MMO

There is nothing redeemable about making watermark harder to farm, elite mobs harder to kill and making quests prior to patch you could solo, not able to be worked down with a group of players. This is honestly a disgrace and you should consider removing some of these nerfs you have introduced if you plan to maintain your player base.


You forgot they made getting 200 crafting much harder as well.

Anyone who is casual, hasn’t gotten high watermark yet, hasn’t got 200 arcana etc. is gate keeped HARD now.

This is super disrespectful to the time of the players who stayed loyal and kept playing the game.

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3 friends have legit uninstalled. They were already on edge and this just pushed them further. Why make things harder? Just release newer harder content and leave the old stuff as it is. This is ridiculous.

On top of that they actually omitted these changes from the patch notes. Total disrespect towards the player base. Can’t justify playing this game anymore of they are just gonna sneak terrible changes like that past the players.


First they came for my fishing which I highly enjoy, then they came for crafting which I also enjoy. I logged in, did a bit of farming (non-flagged because there were already groups out waiting to gank people), and did some crafting. After doing my normal amount of crafting, I noticed how very little xp I got for it and gave up. I don’t want to craft 2,000 gloves per level (exaggeration I know but it certainly felt that way) just so I can get to where I can craft some new things.

I logged out and probably won’t log in again until something changes. I’m mid-level, have only a bit of time each time that I’m able to log in, and the previous grind has now become so atrocious I can’t find enjoyment in what I used to.


+1 on this. I started playing with 2-3 ppl when this game launched. We weren’t interested in the pvp so we were a small group. One by one the grindiness has run those that started with me off. But I was going to keep playing…I got to level 60. I was fine not chasing watermark and doing end game dungeons. I would log in, do faction dailies…maybe look forward to getting a house and do a bit of crafting. Then this last patch hit. Well…I can’t even complete an elite faction quest 20 levels below me…and crafting is a joke now. I quit on furnishing at 130 before the patch…now they are all like that? I can write off getting anything done solo in zones my own level. I was already struggling hard without at least one other player.

So this patch looks like a nail in the coffin for this casual soloist.


Well said,

It really does feel bad to log in every once in a while, know your normal crafting routine, know how long it will take, then one day log in and find out to get the same reward you need to spend 3x the amount you original thought, for the exact same reward as before.

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Always been buggy and imbalance for serious player since launch, now the patch make it hard for causal player as well. AGS really dont know how to prioritise their tasks…

Some game can please both sides with different feature and content AT THE RIGHT TIME but clearly new world is not the case

*450hrs+ playtime and stopped playing for more than a week

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