This weapon needs a major nerf!

This forum will be filled with people asking for spear nerfs within the next few days…

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Why do you say this? It’s in a pretty good space right now and I do not use it. It has good damage (not the highest), decent CC (not the best) it seems pretty balanced.

Because people will be killed by it today, who weren’t killed by it yesterday.


Can you expand on this? I haven’t seen anything new and OP.

And then watch Spear get nerfed worse than it was before lol The Nerfs are rarely by small margins. It’s always so nerfed that it either breaks the weapon or turns it to poop

Spear has always been very strong, but because a bunch of YouTubers went around telling everyone it wasn’t. Most people never gave it a shot.

Edit: lol just did an OPR, like everyone is running spear now. only seen 2 people still GA/WH.

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Haha, knew it!

The spear is great - its the middle ground between hammer/gaxe. I’ve been using it for quite a while, it shreds in PvE - PvP I suck at melee so I try to stay away from that.

Anywho yeah, its a decent melee weapon just like the rest but since a lot of people will be using that instead of Gaxe now, there will be calls for it to get nerfed xD

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