This week no weekly patch?

Do we get a Patch this week? I mean its almost friday in Europe and still no news about it.

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This is the most recent information we have in terms of a patch this week. We’ll post an update once we have more info: Status of the 11/8 Weekly Patch + Public Test Realm Announcement - #3 by Luxendra


They said there would be details on it by last night, but nothing said on it, they got there ptr working thou…. Instead of the live problems or details about fixes for CURRENT content.


I would guess that we’ll either get it tonight, or won’t get it… since they’ve previously tried to avoid downtime on the weekend.

@CptBritain The PTR has exponentially more fixes to “CURRENT content” problems than the weekly patch would… so… yeah.

PTR wont clear the bugs. Just wasted more time on a dev side quest. Get back to the main storyline and merge the damn servers before there are no players left.


Sorry but their track record on patches is poor.

I‘ve never seen an MMORPG before that did not have weekly maintenances at the same time. Not one. Even games that are running smooth and don’t have issues do this. New World, which is plagued by bugs, doesn’t even have a weekly routine yet to have maintenance and deploy fixes. Honestly, it’s pitiful.


A PTR is designed specifically for that. To test fixes before they are implemented while trying to not create new ones.

Yep - I play games with PTR’s, they wont catch all the bugs. New releases are the “PTR”.

Anyone that is concerned with the long-term should be happy that they prioritized the PTS. That’s going to save us a lot of grief. Somebody already found the new damage exploit on the PTS, so now they can fix it before it goes live.

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This is a PvP MMO, the single biggest issue is player numbers and content. People will continue playing with bugs if they like the game. They wont like the game if there is nothing to do.

They’re not going to say “No Patch” and be done with it. I’m not sure why they’re deliberately being so cryptic. Maybe it’s part of the conditioning and hype to keep people interested.

There is no patch this week. We get the PTR and the patch is on it. Check it if you’re interested in how next week is going to go.

From Monday to now, they have lost another 50,000 players. Currently worldwide there are 187,000 active players. They reacted too quickly at release and introduced too many servers. Those 187k players are now spread across mostly dead servers. Most players are reaching end-game or have been at end-game for a while. End game at the moment is completing 2 vanilla dungeons, water-marking gear, outpost games (if they can even begin) and repetitive wars (if they can be filled). The bugs to date, although annoying, will not kill the game if the content is there. It is not. Focus should be, and must be, on consolidating the players into active worlds so this PvP based game actually works (history is not on the side of PvP based MMO’s so they are already on the back foot there) and adding new content. Of course bugs should be fixed along the way. A PTR should be a stage 2.

The bugs are worse than having little content. People can always take a break and come back when new content is added, but they won’t if the game remains a buggy mess. You can’t even begin to add quality content until the bugs are fixed or else you end up in a bug spiral where new content creates new bugs and you never fix your game.

They are also rushing to do balance adjustments when so much of the core game doesn’t work as advertised, hence they have no idea if something is overpowered in its nature or just because of bugs.

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Patch every week is unrealistic anyhow. All the logistics needed for patch takes considerable amount of resources

Tell me how did. other MMORPG developer achieve this at their launch? They all had weekly maintenance with weekly patches and hotfixes. Some early games even multiple per week (like SWTOR and ESO).


How would I know. Maybe they were not drinking coffee but directly chewing coffee beans?

You’ve made your point. NW is the worst game ever created. Every single game ever created has had weekly maintenances at exactly the same time.

Let’s move on to something more productive now.

Okay yeah, it will fix the NEW stuff coming, but should they not be fixing the CURRENT stuff before even thinking about new content?

The player base and also the devs know that the game is flawed. It is in fact nothing more than an early access game that is a work in progress. So why not treat it like that??

The stable server HAS BEEN THE DE FACTO TEST SERVER SINCE LAUNCH, just adding the PTR is a waste of time.
Then the Devs have to work on two fronts. And by seeing how slow things are going they have not enough manpower for even one front.
The PTR is a step either way too early or way too late.
Stick to making weekly updates!
Now skipping a weeks updates is just discouraging more players. The game is losing 5 to 10k players per day in the recent week.
There won’t be any left if they don’t focus on the live Server now!

We need Server merges, the trading Post update and most of all cross server options for Outpost Rush and possibly Excavations.
And also some new marketing to bring in new players wouldn’t hurt.
On my server the lower level players are quitting for good because they just cant find any groups to progress in the main questline.

The Devs need to focus heavily on the “now” not on the “future”. If things are progressing as they are right now. There clearly is no future.


Please, I beg and humbly request that if a patch does happen to make it not happen during West Coast Prime Time last happened to El Dorado folks a few times now.

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