This went to far for you all

I read a lot of your comment abou amazon and what they think about us from EU, and it was disrespectful that time they take to bring the game up again, people are upset about wars or invasions are coming etc…

But you are forget if you are here to complain take that time and do something with your family, gf, bf, kids, father or mother, because at least you had time to spent with instead the guys from company they probably should get home 2 or 3 hours ago and still on office trying get the servers up for stupid people stop complaining about their work.

The retard humans are always the same 1st better than others 2nd sill think about f…k other 3rd probably they don’t have anyone to piss off start complaining about it.

So ego kids start growing because life is not always garden full of grass sometimes some dog left some gift to you pick up and clean :smiley:


Hey Pedro,

perhaps you should take this time to learn to spell and write so one can understand what you are saying?

Try reading through what you yourself wrote and then see if you understand it :slight_smile:
And you are refering to others as Retards because they get upset when their plans are ruined?

Your best sentance was “The retard humans are always teh same 1st better than others 2nd sill think about f…k other 3rd probably they dont have anyone to piss off start complaing about it”

now try and at least rewrite that one so one can understand what the hell you are trying to say

To be honest you are backing up Amazon team very well. Because your post annoys me more than the downtime :slight_smile:


You misspelled sentence.


You are missing the point entirely, if they get away with poor customer service once, then twice it will become the norm. From a big, high tech company like Amazon this is a very poor advertisement for them and is damaging to their reputation. But… thay already have our money so what do they care?


Yehh :slight_smile: but i think you still understood what i was writing :slight_smile:

please explain what Pedro was saying for me :slight_smile:

sorry me reply was to Pedro not you… :confounded:

His overall message is to worry about other things than downtime on the game. Do something else, rather than complain. They are going to see all these messages and make a change, but we’re just beating a dead horse by making more and more comments on it.

Where is my downvote button?

Do you need a link to r/newworldgame ?


Yehh ok, yehh ok lets all just say we think they are doing a amazing job… And next time they need to make a patch they can have a full week.

I mean why would we want to play the game we bought.

Game has been out for 360 hours and about 5% has been downtime…

would you think it was ok If your phone did not work 5% of the time, or your tv, or your internet connection?

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Probably shouldn’t talk about one’s spelling while writing out words like “sentance”…

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He’s still missing the point, that’s his opinion and he is entitled to it, just as I am to mine. And my opinion is that Amazon are really getting it badly wrong here and shooting themselves in the foot as a result.

  1. Poorly scheduled patch/maintenamce window for most of the world apart from West Coast USA (no real surprise there as most Californians think the world stops when you cross the state line)
  2. Poor planning of the patch process, it most certainly can be done quicker than 5 hours. (or at least if it currently can’t, they need to take a serious look at their processes. I’ll happily PM the project for them at a very reasonable £1000 a day.)
  3. Exceptionally poor communication with customers.
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wtf some of you dudes are horrible. why do you assume everyone has family/friends? what about all these ppl including me who lead pathetic life full of drug addiction and crawing depression and only computer games allow us to funcion semi-normally? i had horrible day at work, came back to empty house with horrible mood and found out today i wont play my favorite game and i learned the devs learned the lesso from last week and dont share any info bout the issues.

how you think we feel rn? get a grip and if you got things you mentioned how about you leave the compute rgames and take care of the deal you made for yourself. games not for you. you got other stuff to do.

Assuming everyone has English as their first language is parochial at best. Almost as bad as English folk insisting everyone speaks their mother-tongue when going on holiday in a foreign country.

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Don’t pay attention to bots that are trying to back up Amazon Games. Their comments are just like “Why do you complain? Go sleep/walk/play another game/be with your family”.

I will decide what to do in my free time. And if the game i’ve bought is not working i will complain and you have no goddamn right to tell me what to do. Now get off.

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shit poor communication with players

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I am not assuming that.

And like it was pointed out… I am not the best at spelling.

However i dont care about his spelling it was more that i honestly did not understand what his point was.

Saying that “its not the end of the world” is literally true about everything bad that happens other than the actual “end of the world”

If peoples plans for the evening gets screwed up by a gaming company not keeping their schedule, I think people are entitled to be upset about it.

And for the people who arent upset about they can just not just that “not upset” they dont have to comment about people being upset.

Also all the people who are sitting here writing on this forum are obviously not doing what themselves are advocating… Spend time with family friends, go smell the fresh air blablabla.

Oh thats their suggestion but here they are in the forum telling us to not be annoyed… Why are they not sitcking their noses in dog shit and smelling the roses and enjoying the outside world they speak so highly about. :slight_smile:

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you can make jokes of my english because its not my frist language, but i make sure to learn another one :smiley:

Det var väl roligt för dig.

Du kanske inte är den enda som inte har Engelska som hemspråk.

Tänk att man kanske kan behärska mer än ett språk flytande

Also why are you still here. You waiting for server to come online like the rest of us?

Why are you not out smelling the grass and picking up the dog shit u mentioned?

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