Thorpe kicked my butt on m1 and it was the most fun I've ever had in New World!

Thankyou AGS for giving us a final boss in a mutation that’s mechanically difficult. Died to him on m1 and m2, and I’m really excited to see what m10 brings!

In my brief testing, I noticed there are some attacks that barely hurt and others that must be completely avoided. Please keep mechanically- challenging encounters like this coming! Challenges help us get better!


“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” :wink:


I hope we will always have a challenge in game :slight_smile:

My groups didn’t have any trouble with Thorpe, but the Priest boss before him was a challenge. At least until we sorted out a solid strategy, and stopped getting unlucky. This dungeon is going to be tough as hell with randoms. The 30 minute timer is also probably going to come into play at the higher levels. Thorpe is pretty easy if you have a tank that can keep him facing the edge of the room, and ranged. The final Dynasty boss is harder.

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I was about to scoff because the normal dungeon version is very easy, not just because of GS but because his attacks are super telegraphed.

But it’s Skyelighter… one of the best tanks in the game. So now I’m paying attention lol :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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he was pretty easy for me as a tank

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I really can’t wait to try this!

I remember grinding depths while I was leveling and people thought I was god tier tank just because I’d agro him up the stairs facing the door and it completely nullified his laser. Thorpe was the easy part.

The middle boss was always the tricky one, but only because getting people to agree to a strategy was hard. I found the best way was nobody stays mid, ignore the mines and speed run the side fights.

Wasn’t so fun last time I did depths at level 45, when all your gear in inventory took damage upon death, but yeah should be interesting with mutator.

Yeah I thought this was the standard strat. @Skyelighter does this not work any more or something?

I think the person I was replying to was saying it did work. I’m curious what works best for the middle boss, though.

I still dont understand why he can hit melee who is standing behind with normal attacks, same with invasion commanders… whats the point of playing melee in that fight?

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It’s a bit of a tough fight for round shield / non heavy users.
All but a few of his attacks seem to auto-break my shield, but I think it’s more about needing to learn the encounter.

I’ll probably go into m1 with my primary group and purposely wipe over and over to test out the stam damage on all his attacks. It’s likely the only way to see what I can eat, block, and what I have to dodge.

I like this new challenge.

I didn’t tank him on the stairs, but thats largely because I can’t just hold right click in this build. I’m going to experiment with the encounter and will probably stream the attempts like this morning. Not because anyone should expect to see it go smooth, but because I think maybe it is inspiring to see that I, too, struggle when learning new encounters.

Like Pneuma said, it’s about the learning experience, and I’ve been waiting for a fight that pushes me to my limits for a while!

dodge in-between?

but yes backhands are inconsistent. and its not just torpe.


Someone has an inflated sense of self importance… wasn’t someone putting you on blast just yesterday for constantly trolling dungeon runs with your whacky experimental builds… tanking 50 con round shield and stuff like that? If half of that was true then you sound like a real piece of work.


Oh, I had a few people in stream mention they were experimenting with the build after having seen my tempest video, but there are plenty of people making non-meta builds work, and the more people sharing those builds, I think, the more other people may start to experiment.

When I first started trying this build, I was 622 without full ward and was pulled into an m10. It obviously didn’t go well. That’s from the first week of laz mutations. That’s what the people accusing me of trolling are referring to. Everyone has a starting point. That was mine, and a bit weird that all complaints reference then and not where I’m at now.
I have a medium tanking set that I used when I was still learning how to tank, and when I was pugging, before I started playing on the mutation discord. I also openly share my build, so anyone who invites me isn’t getting any surprises.

In the last few months, I’ve mostly BiS’d my sets and have a solid group of players that I run expeditions and sell shards with. I’ve only improved my performance to a point where people want to play with me because of the constructive feedback the people I play with have given me.

I tank gen and dyn m10s between 15 and 50 con depending on the mutators present, and I’m currently learning Thorpe mechanics in depths mutations at 50 con, but once I’m consistently iframing thorpe, I’ll drop back down to 15, because it’s void. The only area I’m struggling with at the moment is Thorpe, but thats hopefully just trial and error. I’d like to think I can overcome the challenge.

wait depths mutations up?

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ahhhhhhhh shit here we go.

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Now if they would only fix Isabella’s ground skill that shoots up crap. As it is, it doesn’t move and she just stands in it making melee groups impossible for Tempest Heart.