Thought Experiment: Monthly Server Wipes

Hear me out, each month at a specified time all claimable territories would flip back to neutral and would need to be reclaimed. All town upgrades would also be reset. It would of course reset other timers and what not. Maybe resetting markets? Somewhat similar to how Rust operates but of course you would keep all your player related data. They could time it with the monthly updates which could work well.

I’m just curious what my fellow New Worldians think about this. My two cents is a monthly reset, or perhaps bi-monthly reset, would give New World an on going event. The monthly scramble for power which would motivate companies to stay on their toes or lose out to someone else. Also would re-invigorate town boards as companies would be trying to rush through them and people would be motivated to do them again like in the early days. Not to mention a big problem I see for new players is many towns never have town boards because they are simply always maxed out, this would change that.

Not trying to win any awards here just thought this could be an interesting way to shake up the status quo.

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