Thoughts & Break

Hello CMs,

I intially wanna begin with saying that I found a very nice and striving community thanks to your game which is something i really hoped for. We have had a bunch of laugh, tilt and diplomacy handling in Aeternum so far. Though, the time has come after putting 402 hours in gameplay, and now i feel like taking a fair amount of break from your game cause of several reason. It’s not a /farewell post, i will probably return and see how the game direction goes. Community members, you won’t get my gold or legendary mats.

So what are the good things about the game

  • You have managed to make PvP and PvE interesting with only 6 abilities to rotate through + dodge.

  • You’ve manged to almost create a meaningful and impactful weapon tree on nearly all weapons.

  • You’ve manged to create a beautiful world.

  • You’ve manged to make professions actually feel like professions. Not many suceed with this.

  • You’ve attempted… To create a game for everybody. The casual, the duelist, the wpvper, the AI shredders. Brave of you.

  • You’ve manged to create a complete economical circle.

These are the things that stands out for me, great work with it.

So what are the more unsuccessful things

  • Challenging endgame. This one is probably one of the more important ones. You succeded with the grind, but a grind is a not a challenge. A grind is something you do without hinderance, repeatable and easily accessable open world inbound.
    MMOs should have a grind excessive as this, thats a mind challenge, but without the action challenge you have no endgame more or less.

  • Your dungeons are stunning but are probably one of the more easier AI i’ve ever faced. Can’t even compare it, that’s the level of it.

  • You have a faction vendor with lower gearscore than openworld provides, why? The gear is only used for Wars, then you could might aswell name it War Vendor and make the currency come from defending or attacking Forts. Atleast then you would have any incentive to accuire more gear, that could be upgradable for specifically wars…

  • You don’t have a Armor Set Management, yet you feed us with gear that are used for different purposes. How and why?

  • You don’t have a upgradeable Storage. The scale of mats you grind, and obtain, you should have thought of inevitable Storage purschased through gold that taxes to the territory. Clean solution.

  • Weapon Respecs, should cost nothing. End of story. Only doable in Towns. We are talking about punishing playstyle through timegating, lessons have been learned in other games. Why didn’t you take this course?

  • PvE can be improved over time, but why did you never thought of an Arena? That’s real endgame and challenging content. Work towards impactful PvP Gear. That you can actually use for other purposes.

  • Profession crafting is based on grinding the lowest Tier mat to achiev highest level. And why would you want a lowtier mat to be a foundation to Legendary gear at 60. Makes no sense. This is what makes the market a shitshow…

  • Watermark system is beyond clever ontop of the rng attributes. Are we playing Diablo in a MMO smeared with Destiny 2 fairy dust. Comon, this is not how you wanna progress in PvE gear…

  • War FPS drops on great computer parts… On LOW settings even.

  • No swimming animation. It doesn’t matter how many arguments peole defend this non exisantet feature at this point. I can for sure name you 20 counter argumentes. I will begin with one, “As a wholesome experience it ruins the game”.

  • The chat. I don’t know how who overthought this, but it’s overcomplicated and buggy to the point where it’s not even used at all. The chat need a major rework visually as functionable.

  • No bag option while running, you have designed a game for running alot, get it done no discussion.

You have a awesome foundation for a healthy MMO but it feels like you don’t know what path to take aswell as lacking basic MMO design.

I will continue to read your updates, and hopefully you take a step back and rethink your priorities. Sure server transfers is a high prio, but not as much as having a fundamentally working game.



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