Thoughts in general and for returning/new players


So obviously fixing the major bugs, lag, desync, major bot problem etc… is a big issue with everyone leaving but…


PvP arenas have been a highly requested mode that hasn’t been talked about from devs and needs to be put onto PTR for testing A$AP. PvP is a main point in this game and not having small scale pvp is fucked!

Faction gear needs to either have the ability to upgrade up to 600 gs with faction tokens/money or with this new umbral system. The gear in the faction shop is literally worthless, it was fine right at the release because that was easy and decent gear to use like 4 months ago (it didn’t age well)


With how grindy the expertise system is you need to put something in place for when or if players that left come back. Gypsum casts should not have a CD, there is already a CD on the Orb having a cd on both is bs. If people come back they’re going to want to upgrade what they are using first and allowing them to craft multiple of the same cast if they have orb would definitely ease the pain.

Another thing that should be added to help people returning or help newcomers would be to not only drop expertise upgrades but also have a chance for a gypsum orb to drop that can be used to craft any cast to upgrade what they want.

Another thought for returning/newcomers would be to once they hit 60 their expertise is automatically increased to at least 550 or something, going from 500 to 590 or 600 with new patch if that stays will just be daunting and would take people too long and prob just not bother coming back at that point especially with the fact that you want to cap peoples gear at the mid point between gs and expertise this idea is dumb af and should just be removed the logic behind why you did it is stupid honestly.

If you thought about adding Gypsum to the store for people to buy to catch up you’ll only cause more problems. just so you know.


First EF and WW generate way to much money compared to any other settlement something needs to be done to fix this issue. I don’t even travel to zones like cutless, restless, first light, brightwood and rarely monarchs and mourningdale. You need to add some more POI in dead zones or add world bosses or something in the dead zones that brings players to them zones and something that helps them generate money.

This is some thing everyone else add what you think would help bring players back minus the bugs and shit cause obviously thats the main issue but if they were to take care of the majority of that stuff what would bring you or other players back.

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