Thoughts of State of Game

  1. Removing the sns blunderbuss combo has removed the main counter to musket, bow, and healer players. Now you see those classes running rampant in OPR with little to no suppression. Bow and muskets hit way too hard, even against people stacking full thrust resistance. Not to even mention the cheating that is still not being addressed by AGS with hitscan bots. Sacred ground is unbelievably broken and needs to be addressed. Going from single target focused healing to more aoe healing reduces the skill needed in combat. This is the wrong direction to take.
  2. Removing parkour in dungeons and in Myrkguard, etc. also removes a lot of fun from exploring in the game.
  3. The servers need to be improved.
  4. Bugs that are extremely common need to be addressed at a faster rate. The inability to que for a 3v3 right after coming out of one was left in the game for WEEKS. That is ridiculous. There are countless other bugs still affecting everyday gameplay.
  5. There are a lot of cool skins in game, but the cash shop skins are nowhere close to the standard seen from gear drops.
  6. It feels like AGS is ignoring the NW pvp community. Every update for the last year has focused on releasing dungeon after dungeon after dungeon. It’s awful - we end up having to run the same content over and over again because you add something small to it. Mutations are not fun - it’s just a GS check. We need open world bosses, trade packs that can be fought over, sailing/swimming/naval combat… gliders, an ability to flag on your own faction, indicators to show what is friendly sacred ground vs enemy sacreds, pvp only zone, etc. The great cleave missions and fort pvp was awesome but short lived. No one is asking for guitar hero or more dungeons…

That is all. Thanks.

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