Thoughts on Immersion

The devs have used the term “immersion” in several ways. I think in general in can be summarized as:

“We want to avoid cheaters, bot, sellers, and spammers, while creating a game that you can play for hours and hours of enjoyment in a number of playing styles.”

They also use it to highlight things that they either appear not to like or don’t fit with their design. This is a curious thing. Because there are lots of little items, like those in this list, where they fail on some simple immersion. Hopefully this list will help these fixes make future patches.

NOTE: I still like the game a lot. Look at my hours played, and it is obvious. I just want the game to be as good as I think it can be. I’m still willing to put out suggestions in the hope that they, or something similar, will be implemented.

  1. There are about 7-10 people in every town. Since “the players” just showed up recently, I wonder how there is a need for a shiny inn or tavern or city hall. ARGH! Towns need more people. Otherwise, how are they kept up? How is there anything to buy?
  2. How do these 7-10 people in towns know about other towns? The roads of treacherous. There are no traveling merchants. There are no trade caravans. Heck, at low levels, you can barely survive outside the town walls. How would the towns people survive?
  3. There are no people in town supporting the crafting stations. Forget war. If I want to demolish an enemy faction, I simply waltz in and destroy their crafting stations. It would very quickly limit an enemy’s ability to fight.
  4. Why war? Invasions make a ton of sense. Duels make sense. Heck, even OPR makes sense as a way to test players. War makes no sense. If I was a Lost/Corrupted/Angry Earth/etc., I would just wait for the next war and invade the town as the idiots fought. it might just be a name, but this name should be reconsidered. Contested the leadership of a town could be named lots of other things, perhaps even a Physically Contested Election. LOL!
  5. There are defenses that are unusable, which is weird. For example, there are watch towers in First Light with no way up to them, not even blocks stairs or closed doors. There are gates that are propped open by anchors in First Light, with the threat of imminent invasion hanging over their heads. No sense.
  6. There is no real support for crafting, but towns depend upon it. I don’t know where towns people get their clothes or weapons. I certainly don’t know where mobs get theirs. I see no crafting stations in the wild. I don’t seem towns people or mobs harvesting ingredients. I don’t have any chance of getting supply stockpiles from mobs. NO! The caches are just small chests at best. I am talking warehouses full of supplies gathered/refined/crafted over time.
  7. All the farms seem inoperable, but the towns people still get food. How? If they get it, why can’t we buy it from them? Why do no towns people want anything for survival from us? Like hey, we are starving. Go get us veggies, meat, fish, etc. Sure, they are on the town board but only to help that town.
  8. Town management is messed up. Companies can essentially destroy a town and the economy with tax management. They can refuse to build or refuse to support what it already built. They can be incapable of defending on an invasion, and then the whole town is messed up.
  9. Recipes, formulas, and the like are strange. Why would I know things that I have never made? If there a book at crafting stations that shows me these things? I understand finding schematic and such. This makes lots of sense to me. But just knowing something without an training makes no sense.
  10. Why can’t I harvest pre-builts? As a real world example, travel to England to Hadrian’s Wall. When you get there, note that a lot of building nearby are constructed of stone that looks remarkably similar to stone from the wall. And, the wall is missing in areas where those buildings are. Hmmmm? People salvage often. In fact, fishing has salvage in it (anchors, boots, hammers, swords, etc.). But, I cannot go out and salvage a nearby building. Your underlying game engine already has the ability to dynamically display things to different players based on what they have done with quests. So, why can’t I get salvage on other things.
  11. Crafting supplies. Sure, I understand why gathering is essential. In fact, it is a fun part of game and limits growth. But, the reagents and base supplies things are insanity. Most towns require a huge run to get anywhere to get fresh water. The well has a single-use limit, which also makes no sense from a town person perspective. If you add in reagents, even the simple ones and the fact that they are dependent upon “caches” for these, again, makes no sense. This was the purpose of guilds and towns historically. They supported such things. There would be crafts people and vendors setup to support such trade by players, using their deeper knowledge to extract gold from the players. But, this returns to the 7-10 people in town problem.
  12. Ruin, As a Floridian (in real life), I know that things that are not kept quickly rot, within decades at most. Whole houses are reclaimed in such real life situations. How are the outlying farms and such still standing and operating (windmills for example)? Makes no sense to me. How are road and bridges maintained with no maintenance crews? Heck, how are some sailing vessels (like First Light, Restless Keep), still floating?

I have lots more thoughts on this, but I am sure my fellow players have lots to add. I will stop here, and allow others to chime in with their thoughts.

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