Thoughts on Potential Changes to Life Staff Abilities

I had some thoughts last night on ways some of the Life Staff heals could be improved. There’s a lot of clunkiness in healing, and some skills just aren’t as good as they could be. And let’s be honest, scrolling and keybinds were AGS’s poor attempt at mitigating the awkwardness of the healing system - ideally these changes would improve the skills without needing those awkward workarounds. Fellow healers, let me know your thoughts/changes on these ideas.

My mind started with Splash of Light and then naturally moved on to other skills, because it’s a great skill but in only certain circumstances. I’m hoping a few changes can make it more useful outside of those certain party healing-only situations. A burst group heal is a standard for healers in other MMO’s and with how much people clump up in New World, and with how high burst damage is and short the TTK, a burst group heal is a necessity sometimes to get burst healing to a few targets that are otherwise challenging to target individually.

Splash of Light
So change it from a 100m PbAoE Group-Only skill, to a 3m AoE circle (same size as Sacred and Orb) that heals any 4 players (plus the healer as it does currently) inside the circle for the same 60% weapon damage direct heal.

Divine Embrace
Instead of Shared Struggle and Rebound only proccing if we heal a target below 50%, make it so that if we spec into those upgrades, we can manually choose a second and third target during the lock on process. Perhaps for a slightly smaller amount healed for each passive chosen, to balance it out.

TERA did this (except for the full amount for all 3 targets), allowing us to lock on to 2-3 targets with one “single target” burst heal. This would allow us to better target a single person (inside or outside of group) who needs burst healing when they’re in a spot where it’s hard to accurately target them due to other players in a clump or other sight issues. You could as we did in TERA, aim at your intended target and 1-2 players near them, to guarantee you at least hit the one target you want. No need for clunky scrolling or hoping AoEs get them, or if in group, fuddling with clunky keybinds.

For those who feel they have better aim, they would just not spec into the passives at all and in turn, get a larger single target burst heal as a reward for only speccing into the base level of the skill.

Light’s Embrace
Just make it instant cast again. It already heals for less, so it would be the “fast, small” heal and Divine Embrace the “big, casted” heal (again, at base level). Standard MMO stuff and it’s a nice choice to be able to make as a healer.


I think this got buried the other day. :slightly_frowning_face: Anyone like my ideas?

Tera did a decent job of implementing healing in an action target RPG

Agreed that’s one thing that game did really well! I think if AGS took inspiration from that they could make some fixes to Life Staff that would make it feel a lot better and improve the usefulness of some skills.

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