Thoughts on the Season Pass skin? (picture included)

I’am pretty dissapointed since i have seen the cardinal and the weapon skins.Scarlet wing gave me a bit of hope,but the rest is that typical AGS optic with wings and horrible colours.Please remember that the players are humans in 1600 setting and don’t want to look like the mobs they have to kill.

Please remember you travelled to a fictitious island where thing come back to life, some items are frozen in time, travel shrines and portals, able to carry over 2K lbs, floating pyramid, ancient aliens, and magic. In the 1600s.

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I do remember that,but this is no excuse for horrible skins for more than 18 month.

Oh that! Blame the community.

During the MTX fiasco close to the end of Alpha 3, certain demands were high on their list with MTX. Top two that were agreed upon?

  1. No p2w element in MTX.

  2. No MTX skins will look better than what can be obtained in the actual game.

It’s better than the carnival skins with the twig shoulders and weird hats, etc.

Just imagine being able to change the colours via transmog or mixing and matching different parts of this with other clothing items. It’s a nice skin. It would probably look cool all in black, or a mix of black and brown.

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