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New World simply cannot exist without healers - everyone loves us!


Dudes making several posts trying to distract from the glaring problem in this game, which is the overpowered healing of the lifestaff. Man puts over 500k healing in a 3v3 arena and thinks that’s fair game


400k healing in 4 arena rouns, when there was close to 3million total damage by the dps.

Yeah, healing is definitely the problem. /s


Mages have the largest AoE for both slowing and damage. They require no skill to use. Healers have to skillfully predict or heal-cancel to keep teammates alive and healed asap so they don’t dien in huge clumps.

Mages just cast ice storm on top of GW and walk away.

Mages require no skill.


Puts too damn many words to emphasize they’re too stupid to play heal themselves.


Man, I broke my back to heal that arena match. Half the game, both the dps on the other team were trying to chain stun or just burst me down.

I did die to them in 1 of the 4 rounds. When you’re being focused, due to all the stun and cc in the game, you really have to time your dodging, stuns, and healing abilities. The guys attacking me? Just spamming heavy attacks. Typical bruiser stuff.

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Yeah right? This entire discussion is useless as it is OTPs wanting to be able to oneshot everything. Yay sounds like so much fun.

you had over 500k healing, It was 1.4m damage by the dps. Can’t even remember your own screenshot lol. I know my friend who was in your screenshot is a melee user, he never has touched a magic weapon.

And Mages require no skill, why allow an overpowered healer to make it even less fair?

Oh, thankyou for reminding me, Mr Rain Man.

None of the opponents in that match were particularly skilled… hate to break it to you, that’s why they lost. Not because we had a healer; they had one, too. Their healer just proved that healing is a skill :grinning:

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SO, if you follow this forum much you will notice EVERY weapon and EVERY build someone complains about. That seems to me they are all working! :wink:


Except Rapier! The mobility it provides as secondary weapon to a lot of builds is probably the biggest issue of all builds.

I’ve never lost a 3v3 and thought “hmm if they didn’t have that rapier we probably would have won”

I’ve actually never thought that about any build that involves fighting. The only build that doesn’t involve fighting, and the only build that causes 3v3 to be unfair, is the healing class. The healing is overpowered for a 3v3. The healing is scaled for teams of 5, not 3.


May I recommend trying out using the Life Staff yourself? Maybe it’s time to change YOU.

Lol wtf? Are you okay? Why would I want to play life staff in a 3v3 skirmish… thats bonkers to me. I play 3v3 to have fun lol. i’m not sure what kind of enjoyment anyone would get healing in a 3v3

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to play useless Statpadding, ye thats right. Which isnt an issue or threat at all…
Ice Storm ticks for 150-210 max in thoose clumbs… :slight_smile:
1950hrs on mage btw :slight_smile:

You should try it, healing in arenas is awesome fun - its a change in perspective and a test of your dodge timing.

Lol I have to time my dodges 100 times per 3v3 as a melee user, i get enough exposure there. I like actually fighting, swinging a sword. I’m a big chivalry and mourdau fan. Its why I play an action combat game rather than a tab-target mmo

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So you’re just talking shit about stuff you have no clue about… very nice!

I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, but i’m confident there was no mental process that actually occured through your head. Your nerves are just firing out at random

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Healers (in their current state) are a big source of the problems and making multiple threads claiming otherwise doesn’t really change it.

Change Sacred Ground into a 1-time AoE heal and watch most of the “nerf healing” threads disappear.

It’s not just PvP either. I can be fully unwarded in light gear against M10 Nereid and eat hits if I’m standing in Sacred Ground and have 100 con in a PUG.