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Yeah, New Worlds combat system is pretty satisfying not gonna lie - WAY better than tab targeting tunnel visioning my rotation in WoW or something like it.


I appreciate the juxtaposition.


Healers aren’t the problem; The Life Staff is.


he made a third:


He’s out of control! He must be stopped!


the fact you have to make this many troll posts, shows how well you’ve realized the lifestaff is overpowered in pvp, and are trying to keep it at all costs.

Coming to a forum near you… “Healers aren’t the problem; Dex Daddies are”


Halp it’s Escalating!!


Thank-you, Thank-you; just trying to draw attention to the larger problem, which is that balance is poorly-handled between all weapons and not any one specific combo. A major redesign needs to be made to fix the issues.

You answered your own question. You play a melee class because you have fun doing it.

Healers heal because they have fun doing it.


People play different roles because there’s a lot of variety to what people find to be fun. If you want people to respect what you find fun, you should respect what they find fun.
I don’t understand where someone gets fun out of spamming left click all day or sitting across the map up on a rock sniping people with a hitscan weapon. I don’t have to, as long as they are having fun doing it. No one plays a game to not have fun.


Average healers may tab-target, but in competitive skirmishes, their sq is gonna get wiped. The real healers out there have a key bound for each group member, so they can quickly target said member. They’re also the ones targeting non-group members with New World’s very unreliable line-of-sight targeting system. It’s so bad when attempting to target someone low health in a clump of players. Canceling your target and retargeting the right player when there’s only a few pixels difference or a tenth of a second window to do it definitely requires skill.
Much more than throwing a GW on a clump and having all your bruisers spam abilities on it. Imo.

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Lolol do but mind me I’m being silly. I think it’s all good discussion in the end. I do think the forum as whole does tend to focus more on blaming people. Either it’s the PVP people’s fault, PVEs fault, the legacy players, the new incoming players, hippo fanatics, etc.

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There is a matter of having fun, and ruining someone elses fun. Using aimbot is fun, but it ruins someone else’s fun.

I have zero complains about any weapon in this game. The only issue I have is overpowered healing in a 3v3 arena.

Healing is scaled for 5 man groups, not 3, which makes it vastly overpowered. It’s simple math

These aren’t troll posts.

@Blackxp said it best.
It’s drawing attention to the larger issue, which is the design in general behind their dual-weapon system; how perk trees are designed, etc.

Some players want to draw all eyes to complaints about just healers, when there are major problems, everywhere.

Healers don’t make or break anything. The right weapon/perk combinations do. This game wasn’t designed around a two-weapon system. It was designed around a three-weapon system, and thus where the balancing issues come from.

Arenas on the PTR are currently 5v5. Try it out, provide feedback, maybe the change makes it to Live.

You’re telling me healing over 500k damage in a 3v3 (most people have about 12k health) is not making or breaking?

With healers it removes every other weapon’s ability to shine. When I face a healer, I have no way to determine if a certain weapon combo the non-healer was using was better, or if he was lucky with a good healer.

I like knowing what combos are good, and I like fighting other combos. But with a healer, it’s all the same, just a damage sponge. No way to tell if that combo was actually better, or they just had a better healer. It’s stupid and muddies the pvp waters terribly

Thats good to know. I was trying to avoid any spoilers and haven’t gone on this PTR yet

But healing in arenas after 1 min is pretty weak …




So is your own… So they have both heals and potions, you just have potions. If they are at full health when the fire ring comes, good luck out dpsing their team. It’s possible but your skill level needs to be on a much higher level than the enemy team. If you are evenly matched skill wise, you have maybe a 1/4 chance at most. That is quite unfair if you ask me

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can someone even tell me what kind of combat NW is?! IMO seems like some weird tab/action mixed thing… can we just getl full, pure action combat, jeez

The game isn’t the problem, the players are.

There, fixed it… :rofl:

If it weren’t for us pesky players the game would be perfect… :wink:


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Make your squad and with voice comms catch one and fast bomb. He will die if not after 1st then surely after 2nd try. Remember to have heal reduction :sunglasses: I won even against really good healers in opposite team. Also try other builds in arenas on top are comps for oneshot.