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I’m telling you there is a couple screws loose with a lot of people in these forums. Some people shouldn’t have access lol.

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Not as easy as u guys seem to think

Played as mage in opr 2 games for 9k points on both
Played 1 game as musket 7k+ point
These two with gear i scrambled together less than 20k and shards

Try to get same points as a healer in OPR u will see the difference

Mages have almost no kill potential… The only ability that needs slight tunes is flamethrower and a 5 second CD on it after interupt/cancel would fix it.

The only way to kill a life staff is through chain stuns/stagger or 3 people commited to killing a single healer. Oh and if that healer has a healer buddy show up then you’re gonna need more people to blow up one of those healers to stop them.

Lifestaff/Rapier is truly busted they can kite in the clump and not get punished, you chase them and their dps kills you from behind.

Then they always say it’s you who is the problem, you’re not supposed to kill the healer. Ok.

How dare they? A dps class killing someone? The audacity.

as a healer, mages are underpowered as fuck

Literally going after the weakest overall class in current meta :smiley: Sure it does not take a lot of skill to do tons of inconsequential damage as mage, but to actually have an impact is hard.

You have no idea about what are you talking if you say that mage do not need skill. First of all play mage and then talk, you by spamming aoe with 200damage per second will do something? or spam fireball with 3k damage every 10 sec will win the game? when a mele with light will come in 2 sec near me and simple spam auto attack 3k damage, stop trash talking when you don’t have any idea, just to write here, what is the hitbox for mage light/heavy attack? tell me did you played? compared with bow/musket.

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dude is like healers arent the problem, every other class is.

IG is a problem. Its still causes the weapon swap bug, changes your weight class for dodges somehow, and ice shower is a desync hell. Its been a year.

Maybe, and I know I’m coming in here with a dumb 0-IQ take, but maybe the problem is there aren’t sufficient counters to healers-- that their current power gradient isn’t a problem, just that there’s no direct answer to it.

Diseased seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth or something.

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