Three Suggestions Regarding Outpost Rush

I have three suggestions that would greatly benefit the experience people have with outpost rush:

1st: Enable players to enter the queue for outpost rush from anywhere through the menu and not just from your faction representative in towns.

2nd: Work out a way to enable cross-server outpost rush in one region. So let’s say all players in the EU region join the same outpost rush queue and match, this will greatly reduce waiting times and also make it more interesting since you’re not fighting against the same people all the time.

3rd: Let lower-level players enter outpost rush too and give them a buff based on their level so that they are in theory as strong as level 60 players. Being able to just start doing pvp when you’re at max level seems unreasonable.

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Good suggestions, only 3 though haha?

My three:

  1. Increase HWK increases for OPR participation (especially if you rank well).
  2. Sort out AFK players. There’s a auto-logout feature sitting in town, why not OPR?
  3. Remoe/change brutes. No-one likes being perma-stunned through walle or being treated like a yoyo

I would suggest them to add more battleground.

To me Outpost rush is a fail.

How in the world you managed to bring a MOBA team vs team gamedesign mode in a 3 faction mmorpg ?

Outpost Rush is a game of 2 team fighting each other for 3 objectif point.
The simple fact this is 1 team vs 1 team bring repetitivness, its inevitable.

How can you not managed to make a 3 faction pvp battleground ? It would break the repetitivness so much… and would make sense with your game…

Yes, a yellow vs. green vs. purple PVP mode would be so cool.
Although right now you can’t even find 40 random people to play OPR so finding let’s say 15 of each faction at the same time, that just would never work.
At least at this point on my server.

But with cross-server play that would be amazing

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