Thropy mats harder to farm?

since the last small patch i didnt manage to farm a single throphy mat with my 50%+ luckgear after over 100 chests am i just supergiga unlucky or did sth change after last patch

Cant guarantee it will work, but relog when your luck feels bad (few and low quality items from stockpiles) then be aware if your luck turns bad after loading screen (teleports, deaths etc).

how does that make sense

I Just got 2 Trophy Mats Yesterday. I don’t See anything has changed.

Only 100? I must have opened at least 1000 without seeing a decent trophy mat…

Some people seem to get them like confetti, another player with the same luck gearing gets zero.

It sucks, but this is how the rng in this game works.

alright then just continue the grind then iseesee

Alot of the bugs get fixed when you relog…Cant see portals? Relog. Quest markers not showing up? Relog. Wish is also letting you know that after you die or teleport it could mess up your luck. These sometimes messes up the portals and other stuff. So if you die and you feel like your luck is shite again…Relog

I have never since launch looted any trophy mats at all.

I haven’t gotten a single trophy mat in all my NW time so far with full luck gear and several hundred chests looted.

so the last patch didn’t change anything for me.

Players are very perceptive when it comes to noticing something is off, I’m sure you can feel it aswell when you are getting fewer trophy mats, and probably mostly green items and few items from most stockpiles except a few. This is why you came to post this thread in the first place, right?
People then have suggested causes for these bugs everything from luck sweet spots to pearls overriding luck perk and jewellry luck working negatively. Which when you test them with your luck being broken in the first place will all give you RNG results.
So as Yippees explained, relogging can be a workaround to temporarily remove the issue until it breaks again, which for me and most of the people I’m playing with this has resulted in consistently getting more or rarer drops from stockpiles, this also includes more gems from veins and double drops from supply caches.

And as I said I can not guarantee this, because we don’t have visuals on how much luck is actually active, but fairly consistent results (noticable in roughly 5 chests/nodes). I’d suggest you try it out and report back if you see any results. But dont expect to just instantly get trophy materials, Id guess around 1/50 with 50-60% luck.

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