Throwing hatchet is useless in pvp compared to other weapons

Playing over 1000hrs of hatchet and mostly throwing i came to the conclusion that throwing hatchet is useless in pvp and the only points u should put in the throwing tree are passives.

-None of the skills do actual damage even with a glass cannon build.
-throwing costs stamina plus its way slower than other weapons.
-all throwing perks are useless except vorpal distance but that means u need to hit a HEADSHOT!
-no range
-debuffs do not do anything vs healers with heavy armor or tanks
-skill throws do not affects cooldowns of refreshing throws (i think)

these are some of the things i dont like about throwing hatchet hope we can see a rework to this tree

-make hatchet throw like rending throw animation and without dropoff
-change throwing perks to be more effective all round (pvp & pve) like instead of infectect throw give u hp on kill why not on hit cus its already hard to hit someone
-bump up all throwing skill dmg by 5-10%
-change final passive of throwing tree to something on par with the undying passive like every hatchet hit within 6 seconds is increased in damage by 10%
-bump up refreshing throws to 10%


I’m surprised it took you 1000 hours to come to the conclusion that a low range, low damage, slow projectile weapon is useless in PVP.

It needs abilities akin to the one the hatchet mobs use, so you have the ability to quickly burst down someone if you catch them off guard.

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no need for pointing that out just to agree with me but yeah thats what i said “-make hatchet throw like rending throw animation and without dropoff”

Hello @thedemonwaffle ,

I am really sorry for the difficulties that you have been facing by using hatchet in pvp games and i understand you don’t like using them. I thank you for your input on this.

I have noted all of your suggestions and from my end i would be definitely forwarding them to the development department along with your feedback on hatchet, if there would be any update available on this you would be able to check that on our official forums. we definitely take our player’s feedback seriously.

Thank you

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thanks for your response mate!

you guys did a great job with the angry earth enemy that throws hatchets!

i wanna be like those :stuck_out_tongue:

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