Throwing Hatchets - Absolute trash

Yes currently infected throw is bugged and the only way to hit with it is to aim about 1m to the right, that sucks but to be perfectly honest the throwing hatchet is and has always been trash for multiple reasons.

  • This weapon like many other projectiles requires you to continuously land precise headshots, but unlike musket/bow you need to do this while dodging backwards at short/medium range. Against an NPC with slow predictable attack patterns this is just about do-able, against a player its straight up impossible, especially with the lag you get in OPR/Wars. Without landing continuous headshots and all your skills on CD the damage is awful, not to mention if you miss a few you will drain your stamina bar and be forced into melee combat.

  • There is no synergy with the berserker tree, none at all. Many of the berserker tree perks either says “while you are below 30% health” or “on light attack”, which are 2 useless perks for someone entirely focused on projectile damage. Rending throw can be good as a berserker as it increases your damage, but none of the skills in the berserker tree are compatible with a primarily throwing based play style. At the very least throwing attacks need to count as light attacks.

Currently the only real use of throwing hatchets is to debuff enemies in PVE and spread anti-heal in PVP. Please rework the hatchet trees.

My thoughts?

  • First and foremost, for the sake of perks light attacks and throwing attacks need to be the same thing. This allows throwing hatchet users to make use of many of the passive perks in the berserker tree. It would be nice if the skills in the berserker tree could be useful to throwing but I dont know how thats possible without a full rework of that tree. On the surface berserker (the skill) seems like it could be useful but in practise its just not, except for running away if you fk up your throwing.

  • The tree needs more CC, 15/25% slow in a game where basically everyone has a dash (or attacks at greater range than you) is laughable. 4 seconds is not very long, not that it matters because they will just dash at you which totally mitigates that 30% haste you got from hitting them. As a starting point, [Stay Back] (increases [Social Distacing] slow) should knock back targets that are within a certain range.

  • Alternatively (or possibly on top of CC) the tree needs much better mobility, Adrenaline Rush (cheap dodge after using an ability) is nice but its not enough.

  • [Targeted Impact] (rending throw deals more damage if they are 8m away) is trash, I rarely have control over how far away my target is because of how little CC I can dish out.

  • I really feel like throwing should apply DOT somehow, [Infected Throw]'s name implies it should do that job. Ideally this spell would baseline apply a DOT (instead of weaken) on direct hit. Weaken is cool and all, if we really want it maybe it should be conditionally part of rending throw, as a replacement for [Targeted Impact].

  • [Infected Throw]'s Disease cloud feels half baked, its near useless in PVE and rarely applicable in PVP as its annoyingly small and incredibly hard to see if someone is in the cloud. Along with my suggestion above this I think the cloud should apply disease and a DOT instead of weaken. Significantly more useful in pvp situations with the main advantage being I can more clearly see who has the disease effect on them!

  • [Infected Throw] is the one spell in the throwing tree that doesnt add any “if they already have a debuff do this thing”. Along with my last point, it would be cool if they disease effect was conditional or both effects lasted longer conditionally. Replace [Mortal Power] with this perk. There is enough “target below 30%” in the berserker tree if people want to execute.

  • Heavy Throw, it would be great if you could both life and heavy throw, and have perks of each type apply to that kind of throw. Give heavy a stagger effect maybe when fully charged.

  • Final point, and maybe my most out there thoughts for making throwing an actual thing. Musket and Bow are both about precision which is fine because they engage at much longer range and do not expect their targets to reach them before death. Throwing on the other hand is lower range and generally you are expecting to dance around your target whilst they try to reach you in vain. As stated above precision in this case is harder to achieve, so why dont we rework throwing to reward accuracy instead of precision? First and foremost that means reducing the importance of headshots, then I think beyond that it could be achieved with a rework of the [On Fire] perk. Currently the [On Fire] perk is an auto crit for every 3rd landed hit, but what if instead it just continuously rewards you for landing subsequent hits on a single target? For each thrown hatchet you hit a single target with they take increased damage from the next thrown hatchet to no limit, however if you miss or switch targets or stop throwing for a duration it resets. That change alone to me would make the throwing tree significantly more fun and way more viable.



I am half asleep while I type this. But thank you. I have been testing a throwing hatchet build and although I enjoy mainly for the memes. The dps is atrocious. Even with consistent headshots. It simply is not viable.
I have been trying to maximize the dps, even using light armor.

Also find some problems with hits registering on certain mobs. The hatchet just goes through them.
There are mechanical problems.

The reward for being accurate with the throwing hatchet is really bad. The damage should be buffed. Then the high skill ceiling can be taken advantage of.

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