Thrust/Slash protections

Are these purely PVP? Always so confused about these. For example Angry Earth Soldiers only do Angry Earth damage right, not AE + Strike (they use a hammer i think).

I’m confused like u !
so all physical protection Useless for pve ?

They are Pve and Pvp

There’s no such thing as angry earth damage, there’s damage types which includes thrust and slash, and then there’s whose doing the damage, aka angry earth

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Different mobs do different damage types.
You may be confused by “___ ward” items. Things like Lost/AngryEarth/Etc Ward reduce damage from any mob flagged as that type.

But individual mob attacks do specific types. The angry earth archers do thrust and nature (poison shot). The angry earth hammer guys in Genesis do strike damage. Lost archers do thrust, but also arcane damage.
Often people just use physical reduction (onyx) more than specific types against mobs.
For Mutators the use the element of the dungeon as all dungeon mobs do 50% of that element. So it reduces the most for that mutators element.

so confusing.

No they work also in pve, but why u want take it if u have ward’s perks.

works both. I’m gonna test it and upload it later if you doubt about this stuff

please do. gen 10 especially. i’m thinking about swapping out one of the void gems for a strike protection gem instead…

alright cool bro. will upload tonight!

well i tested it in gen, but not in m10 lol since it’s hard to clear other mobs while soloing to get clean view of damage numbers

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Strike Protection will reduce the physical portion of the Genesis Soldiers damage. The 50% conversion on damage to the mutation modifier will be the same damage regardless of having Strike Protection or not, as the elemental damage is based on the base damage, before damage reduction modifiers are present.

You’ll take 45% damage as Strike and 50% damage as elemental. That’s a 5% reduction. A single element -specific gem reduces more damage than Protection perk in m10.

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