Thwarting Counter question

  • Thwarting Counter - Deal 10%-25% additional damage against targets with active grit.

Don’t you get grit on all light and heavy attacks if you have 300 points in strength? This would basically counter any gems, weapon perks, and even armor bonus choices for choosing to go 300 points into strength and receiving grit for your light and heavy attacks, or am I missing something.

Does the Thwarting counter only apply to grit applied from weapon perks like the great hammer’s grit when doing a heavy attack weapon perk?

If this new " Thwarting Counter " is applied from the 300 strength attribute perk light and heavy attack gain grit. You are really going to hurt the melee class, or is that your goal?

The only way Thwarting Counter could be balanced is if it was a weapon skill that had some 20-second cooldown or something. I would really look over this new perk again to confirm this perk would improve gameplay.

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