Ticket promises not fulfilled Ticket ID V532588542

Ticket ID V532588542

So after the disaster which is Februarys patch I raised ticket to get either a roll back done on my account or my resources back i was informed i would get a resolution/update in 48 hours it has been now 48 hours and YET again AGS / Customer service blow smoke

Creating this ticket here as it seems idiots are putting posts in my other post saying " i didn’t get smelting gear" which is not my issue

out of 39 crates in total i GOT zero resources so my

40,000 Orichalcum ore and
2943 starmetal Ingots
20,000 Weak solvents (turning Orichalcum ingots back to Starmetal ingots)
x amount of flux

are all used up with nothing to show for it

1: if AGS cannot roll back a single player account then shame on them for making such a fucking mistake

2: if the above is the case then i would like my resources returned as @NW_Mugsy post is pathetic to say they will give those who didnt get rewards them back - you cannot give rewards based on a RNG engine so this part is laughable

I also asked for an official complaint to be raised but it seems Customer service refused to do this on 3 different occasions which is illegal as any entity can have a complaint raised against them

@Kay @Lane

any words on the matter?

yes dude check the dev tracker.

It was 19 hours ago my man.

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Yo dude check my post before you post crap

2: if the above is the case then i would like my resources returned as @NW_Mugsy post is pathetic to say they will give those who didnt get rewards them back - you cannot give rewards based on a RNG engine so this part is laughable

my ticket was created on 28th 14:50 so it has been 48 hours

well it would have been 29 hours when they gave the next update on what the resolution will be. The update is they are working on it asap… Don’t know what you came here to the forums to hope to accomplish.

this section shows: Game Support - English Support I posted here to get my ticket which was not fulfilled within the timescales they mentioned its not for idiots to post irrelevant things without reading the full post as your not part of AGS kindly get lost

overread mb. still we didnt had that bs on our server. why do u open more then 5 crates if u dont get any mats?

why dont u make any video of that then? lol
u cant open them all instantly so u opened them one by one…

Dude thinks hes going to sue amazon over not getting special rewards from a crate in a video game, and not having it 100% fixed in a 48 hour deadline. I don’t think there is any helping here, the thread just needs to get locked and removed.

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jesus i meant the day u had the bug… xDD

opens so many crates, dont get any items and continues to open them ?
specially without recording or even fkn press f12 for a screenshot :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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and wont proof here, so everyone can see what happened? strange :slight_smile:
basically the only guy i heard of having that bug tbh.

You have a lot of courage calling other people stupid, after admitting you are in steps to sue amazon over not fixing a small bug within 48 hours. And you think Amazon is going to bend the knee and cater to your every whim? You need some counseling bro this behavior isn’t healthy.

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someone really needs a game break here.guess i should sue him lol :melting_face: :rofl:

I would like to make and Official Complaint against Guttsu

yep they should bann him from this forum.

You are threatening an “offical complaint” which is a legal proceeding, and to sue someone is a legal proceeding. They are the same thing, use a dictionary for once.

I need to ask this… 39 opened crates and zero items, right?.

Why didn’t you stop opening the crates before, lol?.

1… zero. Must be bad luck.
2… zero. Bad luck for sure.

38… This is my lucky number, sure I’ll get a teddy bear at least.


Then what what in God’s name are you doing wasting your time writing an “official complaint” If you expect no legal recourse? How daft can one be. I am amazed more and more every day with peoples ability to stray away from simple logic and reasoning.

Easy to answer,

i spam opened them all mate, if you have done say 2/3 portals runs and you have all the chests you mightve yourself done this is the past where you click and spam open them all ,

i admit i was hoping to get lucky

obviously the issue with the patch meant i got Zero

so thats why

right back at you

You failed to read the post then made comments (basically you need to learn to read)
Then you made assumption (you stated i was sueing Amazon ) then tried to hide it based on your limited knowledge with twisting words