Tie level expirience points and the watermark system

So like most people I am not too fond of the current implementation of the HWM system. I am not against it since I like that you can´t just get BIS from running one lucky dungeon after hitting max level and be done with the game. You actual have to participate in endgame content and actively need to search groups. But the current end game activities are a bit to scares and unfun or the reward to time investment feels off.

On top many cities that are not Everfall maybe notice that projects don´t get finished in a timely manner since most people have no need to run town boards since the gold reward is not really exciting, the standing is not really important after some storage expansions and EXP have no value.

I would like to change the last and implement an additional way to increase HWM.

Why not let us accumulate EXP after 60 for bonus rewards? Since the HWM is the next progression system after leveling we have why not let it build on another?

I would suggest one of two systems first the bit more lazy but probably easier to implement system of just simply giving chests whenever a player would reach level 60 again with their extra exp. Maybe have a prestige system that with every rank increase the needed exp by 10% up to a cap or with time decay (like losing one of this bonus level/day) to give more casual players a better catch up. This chest would roll an Item that is always a increase one of your HWM slots but without a chance of rolling legendary.

The other system would be to increase the likelihoods of a HWM droop based on the extra EXP amount you have. With every % you increase your chance that you will drop an item that can increase your HWM with 100% the next drop of a mob that can do this will do this. After a HWM droop the exp reset.

System number one looks relative straight forward to implement, is easy to understand and have a clear goal structure

System two is a bit more subtle. It keeps exp as a mechanic to advance your progress but it’s still tied to the normal stuff you have to do to farm your HWM. It give a clear indicator when you droop something that increase the Mark and it help you to avoid strokes of unluck since everything give exp you sooner or later will find a new items.


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