Tier 3 mote nodes not giving motes

Before the emergency patch T3 mote nodes were giving their epic level drop as well as motes. After the patch they have stopped doing this. were them giving both a bug? if so, it should have been like that anyways since motes can be hard to get especially with the bots still running around for them.


Looks like it was a bug and not intended , tbf it’s kinda stupid and it was a good way to reduce alrdy pricey mote. Guess it was a priority for AGS

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100% agree, this is how it should be mote farming is a pointless grind (it always have additional component needed for craft). It felt way better before it was “fixed”

Dang, I thought that was normal and was loving it. So much for a light uptick in how many Proficiency potions I can make every day.


Watch my last topic about this ,it sucks so hard, ags worling against player and worling for bots ! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how the OP didn’t realise the Nodes were bugged.
Giving a guaranteed t5 and 30 or so motes is rather overpowered.

I did 100 nodes pre the patch fix and got 100 t5 and 3000 motes in less than 1 hour.

Still how it works atm sucks hard.

We should get the 30ish motes everytime, while having the +1 epic sometimes

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On my server some quintessence are 90+ gold on the trading post. The prefix is how it should be, but perhaps a little lower amount of motes. maybe 20-25, but a guaranteed epic of that node. to make it a bit more fair.

@bolcien For any bugs/exploits you may be experiencing please report this on the official forums here: [Megathread] New World Update 1.4.2 Bug Reporting Make sure to check if anyone has also experienced the same issue and may have found a possible solution!

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Everyone should make this bug report.

Providing both was a bug that has been fixed.

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Providing both was the fix. Sigh.

Oh no! Thought it was the fix as well, not the bug!

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